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Try a Few Thrilling Jumps in Bali Aling-aling Waterfall

Try a Few Thrilling Jumps in Bali Aling-aling Waterfall

Aling Aling Waterfall JumpMany people who visiting Bali Island generally just come to white sandy beach. Even though, there are still many natural spot that can be chosen, namely waterfall.

God Island offers many fabulous waterfalls especially in North’s Bali. Recently, the most popular one is Aling-Aling Waterfall. It’s renowned for the beauty of its untouched green nature.

Aling Aling Waterfall
Aling Aling Waterfall

However, some people are also interested to visit by a reason of its cliff that be fit to get a few thrilling cliff jumps. This is really worthy to fill your holiday time in Bali to get much unforgotten moments.

It provides 3 cliff jumps and 2 waterslides with clear and fresh water flow. Aside from that, it’s also surrounded by stretch of many tropical green trees.

Waterfall Cliff Jumping Bali
Waterfall Cliff Jumping Bali

The first jump is a cliff (5m) and followed by a 10m natural waterslide. It’s really awesome for start. Next section, you will see a 10 jumps into rather messy water in a double waterfall. And the last, you will find the third jump is 15m into more calm water.

All those will offer much memorable and fun experience. So, don’t forget to try it when you are visiting Bali Island.

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