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Know These 4 Facts before Joining in Bali Atv Riding (Ubud)

Know These 4 Facts before Joining in Bali Atv Riding (Ubud)

One of fun things to in Bali Island is Atv Riding Adventure, an outdoor activity that challenge you to do various actions on dirty route by atv (atv-riding vehicle).

Along the route, you must ride the atv bike while maneuvering on thrilling terrains such as uphill and downhill tracks with puddle of muds.

ATV Ride Family Ubud

For those of you who want to try the atv riding adventure. Here, we provide a tour package at affordable price.

All needed equipment and services such as a powerful quad bike, a helm, gumboots, a professional guide, and insurance are already included in the package.

Meanwhile, the transport service (pick up and drop off) is also prepared by us so that you don’t need to waste time in looking for a taxi service.

The pick-up service covers areas around Ubud or you can discuss with us for more detail.

The tour package consists of 2 kinds, namely:

  • Single package - USD 90 (one atv for a person)
  • Tandem package - USD 120 (one atv for two persons)

Before joining, there are some facts about the atv riding that you must know. Let’s find out all below.

  1. Adventure Spot in Nature of Ubud

    Bali ATV Quad Bike Ubud

Spot of the atv riding adventure is located in Ubud which offers challenging obstacles and stunning nature sceneries. There are many excitements that you can get during the adventure.

Route of the adventure will get through some tracks namely: a forest, river track, rice field, and a beautiful village.

The forest and the river tracks offer wet and muddy terrains which may pump your adrenaline rush and you become passionate.

Meanwhile, the rice field and the village feature stunning sceneries of nature. Along the tracks, you can see stretches of rice paddies and also friendly villagers.

Therefore, camera is a mandatory items that you must bring during the adventure. Choose a camera in waterproof covers in order not to be damaged by splash of water or muds.

Capture all moment during the adventure and make more many beautiful memories during the adventure.

  1. Beginners Can Also Join

    Ride ATV in Ubud Village

The atv riding adventure is not only recommended for expert but also beginners (without experiences). The age limit to join is from 7 to 65 years old.

The people under 17 years old or those who haven’t been able to ride can join to be a passenger along the adventure by choosing a tandem package with a partner.

Some tracks are indeed designed for the beginners. Thus, it require the participants to have an expert riding skill.

The professional guides are also prepared to accompany you during the adventure. They usually tell the participants about the basic riding techniques and also situation of the route before adventuring.

The techniques of riding atv is similar like riding a motorcycle, it’s just that the use of the accelerator must be pushed by using a thumb.

Every riders will be given a chance to simulate the basic riding techniques around parking area before going the real tracks.

  1. Facilitated by Safety Equipment

    Ubud ATV Adventure in Green Forest

Need to know that atv riding adventure is also categorized as extreme activity. So, safety equipment must also be prepared before adventuring.

The equipment consists a helm and gumboots which both are already included in our tour package. All will be worn before riding the atv bike.

Not only that, the insurance coverage is also included in the package to guarantee the safety of every visitors. Therefore, don’t hesitate to join with us.

  1. Included A Lunch

    Tandem Bali ATV Riding

After riding adventure, you probably feel tired and also hungry. It is a time to take a lunch to recharge your energy. A delicious lunch is also included in the tour and will be served after riding the atv bike.

Perhaps you want to have a longer adventure experience, you can combine the atv riding with white water rafting activity in same day.

We also offer a double combination between atv riding and white water rafting activity which you can choose for more memorable amazing experience.

Well, after reading all facts above, are you ready to join? Please contact us via below for more detail.

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