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Bali Kroya Waterfall

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  • Bali Kroya Waterfall

As hear the name “Bali Island” maybe will be imagined the Historical and Great Temples in your mind. However, are you know? Bali Island or also known as God Island is not only famous for its Temple but this island also has various kind of beautiful nature destinations such as beaches, lakes, mount, and also waterfall.

If you just want to get a place to relax and have a fun, the beaches in southern is good choice to witnessing sunrise or sunset, swimming, diving, and also surfing. For those who love nature and adventure should visit North Bali that is well-known for the nature charm of its waterfalls. One of them names Kroya Waterfall Bali.

1. Kroya Waterfall

Kroya Waterfall Bali
Kroya Waterfall Bali

Perhaps you haven’t ever heard its name. Kroya Waterfall is one of 7 waterfall point in Sambangan Village (better known as Secret Garden Village). Others waterfalls namely: Aling-Aling Waterfall, Kembar Waterfall, Pucuk Waterfall, Cemara Waterfall, Canging Waterfall, and Dedari Waterfall. All those waterfall offers each uniqueness and elegancy.

If just have limited holiday time in Bali, you may visit and enjoy those 7 waterfalls at once. All those are located close to together. Hence, when visiting Sambangan Village, you can get many destinations in one place.

2. Attractiveness of Waterfall

Waterfall Cliff Jumping Bali
Waterfall Cliff Jumping Bali

Kroya Waterfall Bali offer the beauty of distinctive nature than other 6 waterfall in Sambangan Village. This waterfall has height about 12 meters. It looks wonderful by existence of green wild plants that overgrow on cliff around it.

All those maybe sound not so special! Need to know that this waterfall provide a fun activity spot that probably difficult to find anywhere else, videlicet a natural slide. This slide is formed of rock naturally. Hence, it’s recommended for you who look for fun activity and experience.

This natural slide offers different sensation than the slides that generally take place at waterpark. Although it’s formed of rocks but the sensation that is offered so smooth like an artificial slides.

It’s really fun and make you addicted to try again!

Asides from natural slides, there also natural pool under waterfall. You can enjoy to just soak and swim in clear and fresh water, it will be felt cold as touch your skin.

In case haven’t got a satisfaction, you can also get more challenging activity namely cliff jumping. This waterfall point has a jumping spot from cliff (5 meters).

3. Access to Waterfall Point

Waterfall Jumping in Bali
Waterfall Jumping in Bali

For reaching this waterfall, the visitor required to have a trek from parking area by following footpath. The track will start to go through a rural first, where you can see daily life of local people. Most of them make a living as farmer.

No wonder! You will see many rice field along the trip to waterfall, its rice field view is tremendously stunning and display a neat layout. Besides that, it also offers a few terraces as like in Tegalalang, Ubud.

Not only that, if come in right time exactly on planting season. You can also witness the local farmer are working in their rice field traditionally.

Besides rice fields, there are several plantations in the trip, one of those plantation is cacao trees. When you arrive at that plantation area, it’s really shady caused high tree will cover you from sunshine directly.

After going through all rice fields and plantations, next you will see small forest that provides tropical trees and wild plants, cool situation can have been felt in there. It’s really different of the situation that you usually see in urban area.

The last trek, you will be required to walk down stairs. It isn’t probably too long about 400 meters. However, as walk down to pass, you should be careful caused it is slippery enough. Hence, use a trekking special footwear so that your trek going on smoothly.

From this stairs track, waterfall scenery has been looked at eye sight. The sound of its water flow that fall also has heard on ear. The fatigue will truly disappear in there.

When arriving at waterfall point, you should take a rest for a few time while witnessing all green scenery will be exist to spoil your eyes.

Don’t be worried to get lost along the trek, the guide will accompany you to reach the waterfall point. It’s included in entrance fee. So, don’t hesitate to come although you are a solo traveler.

4. Located

This Kroya Waterfall is located at Sambangan Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency. From Singaraja City (capital city of Buleleng Regency), it will take time 17 minute or approximately 11 km drive to southwest.

Start from Singaraja City, follow Ngurah Rai Street to south. In T-junction, turn left onto Veteran Street. Then turn right to follow the Mayor Metra Street, continue onto Jelantik Gingsir Street.

Next, you will see T-junction, turn right onto Dewa Made Kaler Street, turn left onto Gusti Ketut Jejer, and continue onto main road Desa Sambangan about 2.2 km. Kroya Waterfall is left side of road.

If you depart From Denpasar City, it will take time approximately 2.5 hours or around 80 km drive via Bedugul Highway. In this direction, you will go pass a few famous natural destination namely Beratan Lake, Buyan Lake, Wanagiri Hills, Gitgit and Sekumpul Waterfall.

Hence, it’s an opportunity to get many nature objects in direction of trip.

For you who are staying in South Bali, maybe think 2.5 hour drive will be really tired. Should hire a transport service with a driver to take you to there. Whether also use tour service that be provided much in Bali.

5. What need to notice!

Bali Sunrise and Trekking Tours
Bali Sunrise and Trekking Tours

As following hiking or climbing activity, there are some things that you need to notice before trekking, such as:

  • Health and Physical Condition

    Although the access to waterfall point isn’t as extreme as climbing the mount. Anyhow you should notice health and physical in good condition. In order to the trek to waterfall point be smoother.
    In case you are in bad condition should cancel the trip to waterfall, and visit when in good condition. Because it’s rather tiring especially when go back from the waterfall point to parking area.
    If first trek (when reaching the point) tends to come down. It’s different of trek (come back) is where it be more challenging because of uphill.
  • Footwear

    As you know that a trek in nature, there are surely many uncertain and unexpected obstacles along trekking. When trekking to waterfall, its main obstacles is an uneven way that sometime make you easy to slip.
    Moreover, if come in rainy season where it will be more challenging. The way of ground will be muddy and more slippery.
    Furthermore, for avoiding the unwanted accidents. You should prepare and use climbing special footwear. It usually has been designed to pass a slippery way and minimalize unwanted accidents such as slipping
  • Clothes

    Besides footwear, you must also notice the clothes that is worn along the trek. Don’t wear the cloth that limit you to move such as long pant (made from jeans). Otherwise, wear a cloth that offer comfortable easy to you move.
  • Spirit to trek

    In case you are already in good condition, have an adventure clothes, and wear comfortable clothes. The last thing that you must notice is spirit to trek. It’s really important to reach the waterfall point.
    The burning spirit will ease you along the track especially when meet up a few unexpected obstacles. It will motivate you to conquer it and disappear the desire of giving up.
    By the spirit, the obstacles along trek will just seems like a challenges and you will be motivated to conquer it all.

For getting fun holiday, make sure you have checked all those before visiting Kroya Waterfall.

6. What remember to bring!

  • Mineral Water

    It is a stock that frequently be forgotten by most of people when accessing the waterfall. Along the trek, you maybe will feel tired and take a rest for a while after going through a few trips. Its time surely will make you feel thirsty.
    The best way to disappear the thirst is drinking a mineral water. Hence, you should remember to bring a few bottle of mineral water. Besides disappearing the thirst, water also will avoid you of dehydration as sweating a lot also the trek.
    Need to know that along trek to waterfall point, it will be difficult to find food stall that sell mineral water. Not like tourism object in south where there are many stalls around it.
    Furthermore, make sure you remember to buy in minimarket beside highway (along the drive to Kroya Waterfall).
  • Camera

    Along in Kroya Waterfall, there are many beautiful and fascinating views in nature that you will see starting from waterfall, rice field, and also forest. Surely you don’t want to lose, hence remember to bring a camera to capture all views.
    In order to get all, should bring waterproof camera type. Cause you will get images more much especially when playing in water. As swimming on natural pool, sliding on natural slide, and jumping off the ledge into pool. All those fun activities will involve you to touch water.
    So, waterproof camera will allow to take many pictures.
  • Powerbank

    In order to can use camera surely we must fill its battery to full. However, not all type of cameras have a big battery size. You don’t probably want to lose many images of beautiful moments because camera is lowbat.
    To avoid it, you should also bring powerbank so that can fill the battery when low power. It’s really important as backup.
  • Storage of Camera

    Besides battery, a thing that the traveler frequently forget is the storage of camera. Before going to Kroya Waterfall. Make sure you remember to move some file from camera to other storages. In order to the storage can has a space enough.
    Whether, in case you forget to move those files, should bring another storage. So, you don’t need to be worry when your memory space is full.
  • Replacement Clothes

    As you know that aside from offering beautiful scenery. Kroya waterfall also provides many fun activities in the water such as cliff jumping, natural sliding, and also swimming. All those activities surely will involve you with water and wet the clothes.
    You should bring a few replacement clothes to wear after enjoying the activities in water. So that, you don’t be shivering. It’s also an anticipant to avoid bad conditions.
  • Bag

    This last item, maybe you know, bag. You surely need a bag so that be more efficient when bring all preparation above. It will ease you in the trip and don’t bother to bring all those in your hold.
    Before going to trip, remember to check all of preparations above and enter into bag.

Some of items above isn’t maybe too important. But trust it, you will really need along the trip. So, make sure you have remembered to bring all of them.

7. Parking and Entrance Fee

In case, some destination objects in Bali set prices expensive enough for entrance fee. It’s different of Kroya Waterfall. You will not spend more than IDR 100.000.

This nature destination will charge IDR 5.000/car for parking. It’s cheap enough in legal parking area. Then in entrance, you just will be charged approximately IDR 70.000 for entrance fee.

That entrance fee has included as a guide service to accompany you during the trek to waterfall point. So, you need to be worry if get lose along reach the waterfall.

8. Avoid to Visit When Rainy Season

When rainy season, you shouldn’t avoided to come to this destination. Caused the water volume in this waterfall will increase and make water color looks rather murky or brown.

Hence, you can’t witness the nature views and enjoy fun activities such as cliff jumping, sliding on natural slides, or swimming on pool.

Besides that, the trek to waterfall point also be really slippery and rather muddy. So, you should come in right time! In order to can enjoy all the beauty and fun that be offered in this Kroya Waterfall.

9. How to Reach

For reaching the waterfall point, there are many transportations that can be chosen such as car, bicycle, and also motorcycle. But, you should use car to reach (especially for those who are staying South Bali. Caused it will kept you from the radiation of sun directly.

If have no a car, you can use a few service that is provided in Bali Island, namely:

  • Taxi service

    In the site that close to tourist objects such as Kuta and Ubud. Taxi Service is really easy to find. You can hire them to take you reach the waterfall point. Its price rate is usually determined on range you to waterfall. So you don’t need feel hot because radiation of sunshine directly. This service is reasonable for those only want to visit one point.
  • Private Transport

    Next solution is by hiring private transport. This is also tremendously easy to find in near tourist object area. Its price rate is usually determined time that you need. This service is worthy for those who are vacationing in group (family or friend) caused by hiring a private transport, you can have taken all them.
    In case you haven’t abled to drive a car. Don’t need to be worry! Caused most of private transport have provided a driver who able to speak English to accompany you. Along the engagement, you will be got the freedom to go whenever in negotiated time.
    Furthermore, this private transport is suitable for those who want to visit more than one tourist object caused it’s flexible.
  • Tour Package

    Besides that the both services above, you can also book a tour package on travel agents. It’s also easy to find in Bali. Generally, the tour package will offer you many the advantages such as: pick up or drop off service, transport, guide, and a few itineraries.
    What you need to know when using tour package service is you will not get the freedom to decide where the tourist object that will be visited. It’s already limited in the list of negotiated itineraries that be promised.

Meanwhile, make sure “Kroya Waterfall” (tourist object that you want visit) have been listed in Tour Package that you book. Kroya Waterfall is usually categorized as North Bali Tour Package or also Bali Nature Tour Package. So, don’t forget to check before to avoid the trouble in choosing.

All those is services that you can use to reach Kroya Waterfall. Each of those service above have each the advantages and lack. Taxi Service is suitable for those who want to get one destination. Private transport is fit for you who want to get the freedom to decide where you wish to go. And tour package is fit for you who want the facility to get many destination in 1 day or more but be limited in itineraries that have been determined.

Therefore, you should don’t be wrong to choose! Whether click Wohoota, if you are still confused.  

10. Recommendation of Nearest Tourism Object

Kroya Waterfall Bali
Kroya Waterfall Bali

If you want to get more experiences in your tour. When you come to Kroya Waterfall, visit also a few recommended others. Those tourist objects

  • Beratan Lake

    Beratan Lake is one of popular destinations in Bali. Perhaps you have ever seen an image on Indonesian Money that valuable 50.000. The fascinating view is Beratan Lake that be completed a temple in the middle.
    This destination don’t only has the view of lake, but also offer its beauty of Ulun Danu Beratan Temple in the middle. It is a perfect combination between lake and temple sceneries that you can take as images.
    Besides that you can have a camping experience in there. This lake range about 29 km or take time about 1 hours from Kroya Waterfall. It’s recommended for those who come from South Bali, caused this waterfall is one direction to Kroya Waterfall through Bedugul Highway.
  • Wanagiri Hidden Hill

    Besides Beratan Lakes, you can also visit Wanagiri Hidden Hill. It is a new tourist object in Bali but really worth to come. Caused you can enjoy lake view and relax in nature area.
    Not only the nature scenery but Wanagiri Hidden Hill also offer spot to take lovely pictures. You can also try a high swing.
    From Kroya Waterfall to Wanagiri Hidden Hill probably will take time about 55 minutes or 25 km drives. So, it’s same as Beratan Lake that is in one direction if you come from South Bali.
  • Gitgit Waterfall

    Perhaps a few of you have known this waterfall, its name of waterfall is the most famous in North Bali. Gitgit Waterfall has a height about 48 meters. It’s wonderful by the tropical trees around it.
    It is in southwest of Kroya Waterfall and in one direction of Bedugul Highway.
    From Kroya Waterfall to Gitgit Waterfall, it maybe will need to time about 20 minutes and 10 km drives. It’s near enough, you can enter it into your itinerary list while visiting this Kroya Waterfall.
  • Sekumpul Waterfall

    Not only Gitgit Waterfall, you can also visit other waterfalls namely Sekumpul Waterfall. This tourist object is as popular as Gitgit waterfall. Here, you don’t only see one waterfall but more. It offers several 7 waterfall points in rainy season and 5 waterfall points in dry season.
    So amazing! Sekumpul Waterfall has a cliff (100 meters height). This waterfall is in the eastern of Kroya Waterfall. It may be reached in 1 hour trip or about 25 km drive.

All those are few destination that you can come while visiting Kroya Waterfall in one direction from South Bali. Actually, there are still many nature destinations in near of Kroya Waterfall, such as: Lovina Beach Approximately 14 km drive and take time about 30 minutes. You can visit this beach to watching sunrise and the attraction of dolphins in the middle beach (main attraction of the beach) in the morning, then visit the Kroya Waterfall.

Kroya Waterfall is truly worthy to be your itinerary selection when visiting Bali Island. Because God Island is not only popular for art and cultures but its nature.

Have a fun and memorable holiday in Bali :)!!!

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