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Journey to Sunrise, Rice Field and Waterfalls

a right site where you can get fun and thrilling experience in Secret Waterfall Jumping Activity.
It will takes places in magical and wonderful waterfall in Bali’s Hidden Point that be renowned for its untouched natural spots.

Journey to Sunrise, Rice Field and Waterfalls
The package brings you 3-in-1 combo where you’ll get to experience three great natural wonders of the island – the sunrise watch in Kintamani facing Mount Batur, the eye-pleasing rice field of Lemukih Village and the stunning Lemukih and Sekumpul Waterfalls.

04.00 - 05.00 am : Pick up at the hotel
06.00 am : Watch the sunrise in Kintamani with breakfast
06.45 am : Continue the drive to North of Bali
08.15 am : Trek the lush green paddy field at Lemukih Village to reach the waterfalls 
12 noon : Leave the waterfalls area and drive for lunch
01.30 pm : Late lunch
04.00 – 06.00 pm : Drop off at the hotel

Duration: 10 - 12
Level of difficulty: moderate to difficult depending on season (subject to weather condition).
Requirements: adults with good level of fitness and children 8 years old and above – not recommended for those with weak knees, back pain and heart conditions.
What to anticipate: long drives, hot sun during the trek, narrow paddy field ledges, steep slopes up and downhill, steep long set of stairs going down and up, muddy and slippery tributaries especially during rainy season, rivers crossing with rocky bottom, late lunch and a boatload of fun with gorgeous views!

Challenge yourself to try several jumps from the high ledge and let’s make your holiday more memorable and unforgotten with us!

Must wear:

 Comfortable trekking outfit (quick dry shirt and shorts are highly recommended)

 Solid trekking footwear with good grip (mountain sandals with back slings are highly recommended)

 Bathing suit

 A day pack (small backpack).

Must bring:

 Jacket or sweater

 Towels

 Spare clothes

 Sun screen

 Hat (optional)

 Spare flip-flops (optional)

 If you have special health concerns (e.g. asthma,

migraine, allergies), please bring your own specific medical kit with you.

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