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4 Excitements that You May Get in Bali Waterfalls

4 Excitements that You May Get in Bali Waterfalls

Travelling, a good way to eliminate your stress and fatigue. Take a trip one day or more in nature points, it will refresh your mind and offer many new experiences to you. There are a few nature destinations that you can choose to get it. Start from lake, beach, mount, hill, and also waterfall.

Talking about “nature destination” surely you have ever heard “Bali Island”, a paradise that offer many magical and impressive nature treasures.

The White Sandy Beaches in South Bali is indeed a place to relax or spend the time along holiday. There are several fun activities that you can do in there namely witnessing sunrise or sunset, swimming, and even surfing.

But unfortunately, it’s less recommended if you want to have a vacation with soothing situation because of crowded by the tourist.

Secret Bali Waterfalls

The Secret Waterfall Bali Ubud or North Island are a good tour choice to get an oasis and exciting new experiences. Especially in North Bali, a site where you can find secret and magical waterfalls.

It’s truly suitable for those who want to spend the time in soothing atmosphere and leave the burden of the mind. The following 4 exciting activities that you may try in Bali Waterfalls:

  1. Witnessing Nature Panoramas

    Waterfall is a splendour that created naturally. Surely, every those has each authentic and uniqueness. So waterfalls in North Bali are, all has own panorama and attraction.
    Fiji Waterfall Bali
    Fiji Waterfall Bali
    Fiji Waterfall, a nature point that offers triple waterfall points at once. It’s really fascinating with sundry wild plants around it.
    Banyumala Waterfall Bali
    Banyumala Waterfall Bali
    Banyumala waterfall, beautiful scenery in cliff wall-side. Twin water flows that fall with low water volume.
    Sekumpul Waterfall Bali
    Sekumpul Waterfall Bali
    Sekumpul Waterfall, a site that offers 7 waterfall points that all scattered around area, the highest is more than 50 meters.
    Those three waterfalls are surrounded fabulous tropical green that truly spoil your eyes. Its magnificence is truly perfect for photography spot. Meanwhile, there are still many others waterfall in North Bali.
  2. Swimming and Soaking

    Secret Waterfall Bali
    Secret Waterfall Bali
    The waterfall point of North Bali is on upland that close to mounts. The water flow comes from it directly.
    Hence, when visiting! One thing you shouldn’t forget before going back is enjoying its cold and clear water.
    Swimming is a worthy way to feel this freshness of nature. If haven’t abled to swim, you may soaking on the edge while relaxing and witnessing awesome background. All your fatigue will fade in there.
  3. Cliff Jumping

    Waterfall Cliff Jumping
    Waterfall Cliff Jumping
    In case you are an extreme activity lovers, cliff waterfall jumping is an appropriate sport to try in a few waterfalls of North Bali.
    Aling-Aling Waterfall is one of fit spots to get thrilling jump experience. It provides the cliff rocks for jump sport. You can feel the sensation of jumping from the high ledge of cliff.
    It’s tremendously thrilling and making you to scream loudly. Then, as the jump going on, the body will fall into nature pool.
    Although, this activity is extreme enough but will make you want to try more, more, and more!!
  4. Natural Sliding

    Kroya Waterfall Bali
    Kroya Waterfall Bali
    Perhaps few of you haven’t so dared to try cliff jumping. The alternative funs that you must try is natural slide that offered by Kroya Waterfall. It is located close to Aling-Aling Waterfall.
    Kroya Waterfall Bali Slide
    Kroya Waterfall Bali Slide
    The slide in the waterfall is formed from rocks naturally. But its surface is as smooth as artificial slide in waterpark. This natural playground that you must try before leaving Bali Island.

Those 4 excitement above can be tried in North Bali. You may enter one into the tour list during in God Island. Have a many funs and new things in secret and wonderful nature!!

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