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Waterfall Jumping, Outdoor Activity that You Should Try in Bali

Waterfall North Bali Jumping Tour - Cycling, Rafting, Tubing, and ATV Riding are an activities that you can find in Bali Island. All those are awesome to fulfill your holiday time during vacationing in Bali. However, the selection of Bali activities aren’t only that, there is still more challenging one namely Waterfall Jumping.

Sekumpul Waterfall Hiking Tour

Waterfall jumping or often called Cliff Jumping usually take place at North Bali Upland that offers many stunning waterfall spots. Several those you can visit are Aling-aling Waterfall and Kembar Waterfall. The both offer each different difficulty levels.

Like its name, you will get jumps in this activity. It will take you jump off waterfall cliff (approximately 10 meters). Feel a thrilling sensation and pump adrenaline rush when starting to fall down from the ledge to natural pool with cold water that will make body shiver a little.

Waterfall Cliff Jumping Bali

Not only jump, the natural slide is also available for getting fun from the peak.  

If have no experience, should hire an expert guide to accompany you to avoid unexpected accident. The guides may be usually rented at parking area.

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