Bali Quad Bike Adventure

Hi adventurer! We are Wohoota, an activity package provider for quad bike riding adventure in Ubud. The best site to get adventure tour package with amazing tracks and impressive sceneries.

Affordable Package and Thrilling Experiences

Our adventure package is affordable and offers a lot of thrilling experiences to you. In the adventure, we will ride a quad bike to conquer some challenging obstacles along natural route with wet, muddy, and steep track. The route also gets through some stunning spots namely rice fields, a village, river tracks, a bamboo forest, and also a small jungle.

Conquer Challenging Tracks While Seeing Stunning Sceneries

Imagine how so exciting when pushing accelerator on a powerful quad bike to conquer wet, muddy, and steep terrains. It really pumps adrenaline rush. As long as adventure, your eyes will be impressed by stunning sceneries of a beautiful rural point, green forest, and rice paddies.

Bali Quad Bike Adventure, Prices and More Information

Just book one package, you will get all inclusive; good facilities and services to keep your adventure safe and fun. The package includes quad bike (during 1.5 – 2 hours), safety equipment, professional guide, and shower room. Let’s explore beauty of the island in a fun and different way.


  • Single ATV IDR 250.000/pax
  • Tandem ATV IDR 350.000/pax

Note: the single package means one quad bike for one person, while the tandem means one quad bike for two persons. 


  1. Safety Equipment
  2. Professional Instructor (Guide)
  3. Quad Bike Riding (1.5 – 2 Hours)
  4. Locker, Shower, Change Room


Personal Expense

What to Bring

  • Change of Clothes
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglass
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Extra cash money

Terms and Conditions

  • Payment with other currency will be converted based on daily exchange rate
  • Minimum booking is 2 persons

Private Bali Atv Bike Adventure Tour in Ubud - Wohoota

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Do you want to vacation in Bali Island? And need a recommendation of fun thing to do on your holiday? Perhaps you can try to add Private Bali ATV Bike Adventure Tour into your list of things to do

Why should do you try the adventure tour? Because, the adventure tour will offer a new fun experience to you and may make your holiday become memorable and unforgettable.

The atv bike tour is also recommended to those of you who always feel boring for monotonous things in the island, as an example is visiting white sands beaches in South Bali.

For more detail about the atv bike adventure tour, let’s find out it on several segments as below.

Bali Atv Bike Adventure Tour

  1. Awesome Way to Enjoy Holiday in Bali
  2. Many Fun Moments in One Adventure
  3. Things You Should Remember When Joining
  4. Other Fun Things to Do After ATV Adventure

Awesome Way to Enjoy Holiday in Bali

Ubud ATV Bike Tour

Private Bali ATV Bike Adventure Tour (also called quad bike Tour) will be done at an adventure spot in Ubud Countryside.

The spot is located close to some popular tourist objects: Ubud Monkey Forest, Puri Saren Palace, Ubud Art Market, and Tegenungan Waterfall.

The atv adventure will challenge you to ride atv (all-terrain vehicle) along thrilling route with muddy terrains and river track. It is like a trail off-road adventure where you must ride atv bike while maneuvering on the challenging dirt track.

Many tourists often call it as an awesome way to enjoy holiday in the island by some tourists.

Because, it won’t only challenge us to conquer the challenging tracks but also see beautiful panoramas of rural natures such as rice fields, a traditional village, and also a green forest.

The beautiful panoramas may take off your eyes while riding the atv bike slowly along the route. You can stop and get off the atv bike if you want to take a shot in the background.

Make sure you bring the camera if you want to take a picture during the adventure because the adventure operator doesn’t provide it in the package.

The camera is helpful to capture all fun moments into pictures and also video records during the adventure so that you may remember for next years.

We very advise you bringing a camera with waterproof feature. Caused, some points in the route there are wet and muddy tracks that you get through.

A splashes of water will exist and may just splattered to your camera and make its component become broken.

Many Fun Moments in One Adventure

Private ATV Adventure in Bali

As above, the route of the adventure will get through some points such as rice field, a traditional village, and green forest where all offers beautiful panoramas.

Before adventuring, you can install a camera holder on helm so that you don’t get a trouble as hold a camera while riding along the route.

The following are all fun moments that you may get during the adventure.

  1. Riding ATV around the Rice Fields

    Ubud ATV Route with Green Panorama

Bali’s nature is always identical to stunning rice fields which stretch lush alongside the street in the village on days before harvesting season.

Including in the route of the adventure, you may see stunning sceneries of rice paddy fields which look stunning and may take off your eyes in the route.

The rice field are owned by local peoples in the village who choose farmers for their livelihood. You may see unique things of the local farmer there.

That’s most of them still apply traditional equipment and techniques in process of planting the rice paddies. For an example, the local farmers usually use a sickle and a hoe to weed around the rice fields.

They generally start to work in the rice fields from morning to afternoon, hence you probably will see them in some rice fields when riding the atv.

The rice fields usually looks greener on the days before harvest seasons. So, it is like a fortune if you adventure right on the days.

You can even get off the atv bike there if you want to capture moments in the background of the rice field. Ask the guide to stop for a moment if you want to take a picture there.

  1. Looking around Traditional Village

    Bali Tandem ATV Ride Package

Besides the rice field, the route of the adventure will also get through a traditional village where local people stay and do daily routines.

There are some unique things that you can look around the village as one is daily ritual of Local Hindus People.

The daily ritual is often called “Ritual Mebanten” in Balinese Language, a ritual to give expression of gratitude to the God with traditional offering (called “Canang”).

The ritual is done at area of house or temple by woman every morning or afternoon. The woman usually wears a traditional cloth (kamen or sarong) and a Balinese Shawl (Senteng).

The traditional cloth wraps around waist to ankle, while a shawl will tie at the waist outside the cloth.

The canang is a means of ritual that made from several kinds of flowers and thin slices of pandan leaf which all put onto a palm-leaf basket (like a small tray).

Not only that, you can also see some unique stone carvings which are displayed to sell on the side of the street by the local artists. The unique stone carvings usually have a shape of flora fauna and mythological creatures.

  1. Exploring A Small Green Forest

    Ubud ATV Riding Adventure

And the last, the route of the adventure will get through a small forest where you see green panorama of tropical trees and also conquering some challenging route with muddy, wet, and little steep tracks.

Conquering the challenging tracks on atv bike is really fun. You probably will get a trouble at a point of the route as an example is trapped on a terrain because one of atv wheels gets stuck in the puddle of muds.

However, you shouldn’t be worried when experiencing it because your adventure will be accompanied by a private guide who is always ready to motive you along the route.

You can try to conquer it several times by yourself before deciding to give up. The guide will be always there to help and tell you about instructions to conquer the tracks.

Don’t be reckless along the route although you are experienced, the adventure is really risky if you don’t ever obey the instruction of the guide.

Things You Should Remember When Joining

The atv bike adventure is considered as an extreme activity, hence you should always remember some important things when joining in the adventure, as below.

  1. Bring Complete Supporting Preparation

    ATV Riding Adventure in Green Forest

As you have known that atv adventure will done on the wet and muddy route where your clothes may get wet and dirty. Are you sure to get back the hotel by wearing the wet and dirty clothes?

If you don’t want it, bring a set of dry and clean clothes for change which it consist of a casual shirt, a pant, and underwear (all are optional depends on your comfort).

Prepare all clothes one day before adventuring. You can keep them in your backpack and put into locker before adventuring.

After adventuring, you can take a shower in a private room then change your wet and dirty clothes to clean and dry clothes.

Meanwhile, we recommend you to wear casual clothes (in fit size) for a comfort and easiness to move when adventuring.

  1. Make Sure You Are Physically Fit

    Riding ATV on River Track

Riding a quad bike may drain a lot of energy, hence make sure you are physically fit before joining the adventure. You may keep the diets, sleep in enough time, and also exercise routinely for a fit physical.

Avoid drinking an alcoholic beverage on adventure day. It may make you get a fatal accident.

Effect of alcoholic beverage make you drunk and also mess up your focus so that you will lose balance on the atv bike along the route.

If you aren’t physically fit during the adventure then you won’t surely enjoy the adventure. So, the adventure will be felt less fun and satisfied.

  1. Use Full Safety Equipment

    Use Safety Equipment in ATV Bike Adventure

Before starting the adventure, you should remember to use full safety equipment which consist of a helm and gumboots (both are already included in the adventure package).

The operator of the adventure usually provides the equipment. You can wear all at a place near start point of adventure route. Make sure you always choose a helm and gumboots in fit size for more comfortable riding experience.

  1. Do Techniques of Riding Well

    Do a Turn in ATV Bike Adventure

The atv bike indeed looks similar to the motorcycle but both are different from techniques of riding particularly on technique in doing a turn.

When doing the turn on atv bike, you must keep the balance between the atv bike and your body by leaning opposite to tilt of the atv bike.

For an example, if you want to turn the left then your bike will also tilt to the right. You should lean to the left to keep the balance between your atv bike and body.

You must lean your body opposite to tilt of your atv bike. It is done to prevent the atv bike get upside-down on the turn.

The techniques of riding will be usually told by guide before adventuring. You also will be taken to simulate it all of riding.

Make sure you always listen the instruction of the guide during the adventure for safer experience.

  1. Keep Your Legs on Footstep

    Ubud ATV Riding Adventure

Perhaps you lose the balance when riding the quad bike, make sure you always keep your legs on footsteps of quad bike. That will be fatal as legs can be broken if you lower one of your legs to hold back heavy load of atv bike.

Just keep the balance by leaning your body contrary to tilt of atv bike. If you don’t control it, try to jump off the atv bike.

Other Fun Things to Do After ATV Adventure

Maybe you are interested to get a longer experience on a day, combine the atv bike riding adventure with other fun things to do. The following are recommendation to try.

  • Fun River Activities

Besides atv adventure, you can also try some fun river activities in Ubud such as white water rafting and tubing river adventure. Let’s find out each of them below.  

  1. White Water Rafting Adventure
    White Water Rafting Ubud

In Ubud, White water rafting adventure can be usually done at Ayung River - a popular rafting spot that is located not too far from the center of countryside.

The river is well-known for stunning panoramas, challenging rapids, and also suitable for the beginner. It has a route long of 10 kilometers where you probably will approximately take 1.5 - 2 hours to navigate.

The navigation on the river will use an inflatable boat and you are required to wear safety equipment (a helm and a life jacket), which both are usually provided by adventure operator.

On the inflatable boat, you will be accompanied by a guide who will help to give you instructions of maneuvering along the rapid route.

The stunning panoramas which you can see in the route of Ayung River are green nature, a waterfall, and also unique stone carvings.

The green nature and a waterfall is indeed a commonplace in the rafting adventure, but the unique stone carving is a special thing that you may only see at Ayung River.

The stone carving stretches along 300 meters riverside and illustrate the figures in Ramayana Story. It was carved by 50 local artists.

Many rafters often take the time to get off the inflatable boat at the stone carving spot for taking a photo. You can also ask the guide to stop at the point if you want to capture it.

The rafting adventure can be combined with the atv bike adventure before or after the atv riding adventure. For more detail, check here Bali ATV Riding and White Water Rafting Tour.

  1. Tubing River Adventure
    Tubing Adventure at Ubud River

Tubing River Adventure is similar to the rafting, which it is done on the river route by boarding a smaller inflatable boat to navigate.

The inflatable boat in tubing adventure can be only boarded by 1 – 2 persons while the boat in rafting can be boarded by 4 – 5 persons. Every participant is also required to wear a helm and gumboots for safety.

For the route, the tubing adventure is considered easier than rafting. You don’t need to use a paddle along the route. Just lay up their body on the boat and flow along the river.

The participants will team up to get through large rocks by holding a hand together from on each boat. It is done to prevent a participant get stuck in the route.

It is really fun particularly when you navigate on the inflatable boat while enjoying the beautiful green nature which may impress your eyes alongside the route.

You will also get off the boat at some point for a moment if you want to take beautiful photos in the background of the beautiful nature alongside the river. Ask it to the guide for safer experience.

Perhaps you want to combine the tubing adventure with the atv adventure, find out Bali ATV Riding and Tubing River Adventure for more detail.  

  • Ubud Sightseeing Tour

Perhaps you are less interested to do activity tour again after the quad bike adventure but still want to have a longer tour experience. You can join in Ubud Sightseeing Tour.

That is a trip which will take you to visit amazing tourist spots in Ubud and explore each uniqueness of them. The following are some amazing tourist spots that you can visit in Ubud.

  1. Ubud Monkey Forest
    Ubud Monkey Forest

For those of you who have ever visited Ubud, you are surely familiar with Ubud Monkey Forest. The iconic place is habited by a hundred of Balinese long-tailed monkeys and grown by various species of tropical plants.

Here, you can spend time to taking a walk while seeing fun behavior of the monkeys. In some points, you may see monkeys which hang on the trees, sit on the wall, and also play together.

The fun behaviors of the monkeys are a main attraction of the place. The visitors like to capture the behaviors as taking photos and also recording video.

If you want to take a photo with the monkeys there, ask the staff there to help. The monkeys are usually benign with the staff because they are always feed by him.

Besides that, you can also relax mind by taking a walk around the green nature while soothing atmosphere. The air around the forest is cool because of trees existence.

  1. Puri Saren Palace
    Ubud Palace

Puri Saren Palace (also known as Ubud Royal Palace) was a heritage building (a place where the royal family stay) and built by King of Ubud in 1640.

The palace is a recommended spot for those of you who want to know about Balinese traditional architecture. You can see some authentic buildings with unique carving ornament in the palace.

Almost of all wall and buildings are built from the brick dominantly. The red of the brick leaves traditional impression when we look it.

The carving ornaments on the building are dominated by gold color (called as “Prada” in Balinese Language), which it offers luxurious impression on the building.

Besides the unique building, you can also watch a performance of Balinese dances in the palace in the evening (usually at 19.30).

Some kind of the dances which are usually staged there are Legong and Barong Dance. Each day has own schedule of dance performance.

Before watching it, every visitor are required to buy a ticket that cost at IDR 100.000 (may be changed anytime). The ticket can be purchased at the palace a few of minutes before performing.

  1. Ubud Art Market
    Ubud Art Market

Ubud Art Market is a center of art in Ubud where you can get various kind of unique and interesting merchandises which are authentic handicraft by local peoples.

The merchandises are bags, small wooden statues, casual t-shirts with Barong Painting, beach clothes, traditional clothes, silver bracelets and necklaces.

You can explore all items by taking a walk to follow along the footpath. Bargaining is a special way that you can do for getting an item at cheaper price.

All of those items are also suitable as for a souvenir which you can give to your friend or family when returning back home.

  1. Tegalalang Rice Terrace
    Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tegalalang Rice Terrace is an amazing spot in the northern of Ubud where you can take a walk along footpath while enjoying the stunning panorama of unique rice field.

The rice terrace looks like giant stairway from a far and so impressing if you see from near distance.

The terrace in rice field is a part of Subak System (Balinese irrigation system) to ease the local farmer in flowing from higher field to lower field.

Besides that, you can stop at some points of the rice terrace to take an instagrammable shot in the background.

If you happen to visit the rice terrace right on days before harvest season then you can see the most amazing panoramas with greener rice fields.

Otherwise, the rice paddy just like short yellow straws in the fields on days before harvesting.

Along the footpath, you can also see local farmer who work in the fields which most of them still use traditional equipment and techniques as example is they still weed by using a sickle and hoe.

The local farmers usually work from morning to afternoon. They generally use and bring unique attributes such as: woven hat and basket (to bring a cut of grasses).

Some of visitors like to borrow the farmer’s attributes to apply in shot frame. The farmers are friendly and willing to lend their attributes to visitors.

So, Tubing and rafting are recommended for those of you who want a longer fun experience on holiday. While Ubud Sightseeing Tour for you who want a holiday with memorable unique experience.

Which one above do you want to combine with the atv riding adventure in a day?


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