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Ubud ATV Riding Adventure – A Must to Read Before Joining!

Ubud ATV Riding Adventure – A Must to Read Before Joining!

Ubud ATV Riding Adventure is an outdoor activity that can be tried in Bali Island. It is a good choice for those who have felt boring to spend time on white sandy beaches or relax at luxurious resorts.

This activity will give you a lot of excitements and new experiences that may make your holiday become more memorable.

Is ATV Riding Adventure Safe?

For those who want to join into Atv Riding Adventure at first time usually will ask “Is Atv riding adventure safe?”. We really consider it is safe as long as you join with the trusted adventure operators.

The trusted adventure operators usually provide the full safety equipment, professional instructors, and also insurance coverage for every participant which all those are already included in their tour package.

The safety equipment for the atv riding adventure consists of a helm and gumboots which both are required.

Where to Join?

ATV Ubud Village

Perhaps you want to try atv riding adventure in Bali, but not yet get the trusted operators. Let’s join us (Wohoota) for get more amazing and thrilling experiences.

We provide special adventure packages for atv riding, rafting, and also combination. Our all packages are affordable and include complete facilities and services, such as:

  1. Safety Equipment
  2. Professional Instructor
  3. Outdoor Activity (approximately 2 hours)
  4. Locker, Shower Room, and Change Room

Tandem ATV Ride Ubud

Before adventuring, you can discuss with us for address and time to pick up. We usually service to pick up around areas in the southern of the island, namely: Ubud, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, Seminyak, and so on. The picking up time depends how far places you stay.

What is Price of ATV Riding Adventure Packages?

ATV Ubud Price

Especially for atv riding, there are 2 kinds of adventure packages that you can choose, namely: single package and tandem. The following are price list of our adventure package.

  • Single ATV Riding Adventure Package - IDR 250.000 (one atv bike for one person)
  • Tandem ATV Riding Adventure Package - IDR 350.000 ( one atv bike for two persons)

Both tour packages already include all facilities and services as above.

What is the Difference between Single Package and Tandem?

Bali ATV Riding in Ubud

Some of you probably ask the difference between single package and tandem. That’s only different for number participant in the package.

  • The single package means one atv bike for one person and is a good choice for those who want to be a solo rider along route.
  • The tandem package means one atv bike for two persons and is recommended for those who want to take their child or partner to join.

Ride ATV in Ubud Village

Age Limit to join in the atv riding adventure is from 7 – 65 years old. The children and those who haven’t been able to ride can join to be a passenger which sits at the back. Not only riders, the safety equipment is also provided for the passengers

Meanwhile, the tandem package cost cheaper than the single package because you and partner only need to pay one price for two persons.

What Will We Get Through Along Route?

Ubud ATV Riding Tour

The atv riding adventure will be done at a spot route in Ubud where we will ride atv ride along route with challenging tracks and stunning panorama. It probably takes about 2 hours from starting point to finish.

Along the route, we get through rice fields, village, river track, bamboo forest, and small jungle which all offer impressive views.

ATV Ride Family Ubud

The rice fields can be seen at some points at the side of the route, and looks so green on days before harvest seasons. The local farmers usually work in the field by using traditional equipment, as an example is cutting wild grasses by a sickle.

Ubud ATV Ride Bali

Around the village, you will see routines of local peoples as bringing a traditional offering to the temple particularly on holy days.

Meanwhile, the river track, the bamboo forest, and the small jungle will offers some challenging obstacles such as wet, muddy, and steep terrains where you must maneuver to conquer those all.

How to Join?

Please send text or call us via below for booking or asking any questions about atv riding adventure.

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