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2 Types of Quad Bike Transmission by Adventure Operator in Bali

2 Types of Quad Bike Transmission by Adventure Operator in Bali

Quad Bike Adventure is a popular activity nowadays in Bali for the tourists who want to have fun and exciting experience during the holiday.

The adventure is usually held along muddy, wet, steep terrain as an off road tracks where you will be challenged to conquer all on a quad bike (All-Terrain Vehicle).

As motorcycle, the quad bike vehicle also has 2 transmission kinds of Quad Bikes in Bali as manual and automatic. What is the difference of each transmission? Let’s find out it below!

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Kind of Quad Bike Transmissions

  1. Manual Transmission

    Bali ATV Adventure
    Bali ATV Adventure

Manual transmission type is often used by the professional riders because it allows them to get a more control of vehicle.

The transmissions type requires the riders to use of a clutch, the throttle, and a shift lever all at the same time as the control in a sport bike.

  1. Automatic Transmission

    Ubud Atv Riding
    Ubud Atv Riding

Automatic Transmission is very suitable for the beginner or have no experience because easier than manual type above.

As the clutch, throttle, a shift transmission all work automatically. You just need to focus in control of accelerator and breaks.

Therefore, its operational of transmission type is easy and recommended for those of you who are without experience before it.

Okay, above are 2 kinds of transmissions in of quad bike vehicle. Which one do you want to try?

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