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Is Bali Quad Bike Adventure Safe? Find Out It Here!

Bali Quad Bike Adventure is an outdoor activity that will challenges you to conquer various kind of obstacles and thrills on a quad bike (also known as all-terrain vehicle) along extreme and muddy tracks.

If you are having a holiday in Bali then the adventure can be tried in Ubud, an area which is well-known for its challenging and impressive ATV track where usually takes place in green forests, rice fields, rivers, and even tunnels.

The adventure is truly popular for many tourists to fulfill their holiday in Bali because there are many memorable and fun experiences which may be got during the activity.

So, it make the leisure become more worthy and unforgettable.

Bali ATV Riding Tour Price




Single ATV Package

IDR 350.000

1 ATV 1 Person

Tandem ATV Package

IDR 500.000

1 ATV 2 Persons


  • Included Safety Equipment and Guide
  • Not Included Lunch and Transport

AYUNG RIVER RAFTING : IDR 250.000 / person


  • Include Lunch
  • Private Boat (Not shared with other participants)
  • Not included transport service

For booking, contact us via Whatsapp +6287866232446

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Is Bali Quad Bike Adventure Safe?

Bali Quad Bike Activity

Although the Bali Quad Bike Adventure is said quite exciting but there are many people who still hesitate to try it especially those of the beginners or they who haven no experience.

The tracks that seem so steep and extreme as valleys and uneven dirt roads make them feeling reluctant as imagining the bad things that might happen during the adventure.

Perhaps you are also getting a question about “Is Bali Quad Bike Adventure Safe?” this page will give the answer that can be found out below.

For guaranteeing the safety of the rides, most of Bali ATV Adventure Providers have provided various types of good and careful preparations, among others:

1. Helmet

Bali Outdoor Activity

Going through the extreme will maybe let the riders fall off a quad bike vehicle and experience a bump on the head of the hard objects such as gravels or tree trunks.

As the safety, the helmets is already prepared by adventure provides to the riders in covering the head during the adventure.

The helmet that is used, it’s usually looks similar as a helmet for cycling which most of them are without a glass cover at the front side but it’s very comfortable on the head.

Before starting the adventure, make sure you choose a fit size of the helmets so that the adventure will be comfy during along track.

Meanwhile, you should also remember to bring a sunglass for the comfort and avoid your eyes of dust caused nothing a glass helm cover on the front of face.

2. Gumboots

Bali Quad Bike Discovery

As above, Bali Quad ATV adventure will go pass through wet and muddy track so that it is too bad if you only wear a cool sneaker as for traveling because it will become dirty definitely.

Hence, you must wear a gumboots which have prepared by the adventure provider.

The gumboots is made from rubber material which doesn’t absorb the water as often used by the farmer to work in the wet rice field. So, it’s easy to washed and truly designed for outdoor activity.

Not only that, the gumboot is very useful to protect your feet of the sharp and prickly objects which are usually seen around the outdoor point such as: branches and small stones (gravel) that can hurt the les

3. ATV Guide

Best Things to Do in Bali

Besides the equipment above, the guide will be also provided to accompany you during adventuring.

They are experienced and professional about the terrain and vehicles surely and will motive to you in conquering the obstacles throughout the track.

Before starting it, you will be supposed to warm up and simulate few techniques which are taught by the guide.

Both steps are truly important to avoid your body become cramps and a few bad conditions that maybe will happens along the adventure.

The guides will led the riders, a few of them are at the front and back of line. They will be always there to give the instructions about how to conquer the obstacles.

4. Insurance

Best ATV Riding in Bali

There are many thrilling tracks which will go passed there and maybe make us feel shivering when conquering it because it seem looks steep and extreme.

Hence, the insurance will be also included in each adventure package tour for guaranteeing the safety of you.

It will cover if there is a rider who experience an unexpected accident along trip. So, the providers have prepared the safety carefully

Tips to Get A Safe Atv Adventure Experience

Bali ATV Adventure

For supporting the fluently of the Bali Quad Bike Riding, let's find out the folowing important tips.

1. Knowing How to Ride a Quad Bike Well

Firstly, you should know about how to ride a quad bike well before adventuring. There are 2 kind of transmisions of quad bike engine, as below:

  • Manual Transmission, the type of the quad bike require you to rides by changing the gears transmission based on the terrain manually as riding a motorcycle in general.
  • Automatic Transmission, the easy type to ride and suitable for the beginner. Because it allow you to focus on the track by just pulling the power lever on handlebar without having to change the gear transmission.

For ATV adventures in Bali, most of providers usually prefers to provide automatic transmission because of easier to ride by the beginner.

2. Use the Equipment Properly

Then, you should make sure to use the safety equipment properly such as a helmet and gumboots before adventuring.

Especially for the size, you maybe get an unfit size of equipment and it will surely make your adventure become uncomfortable.

If you get a doubt about the equipment, don’t hesitate to ask for help to guide or staff so that the adventure become safe dan comfortable.

3. Always Obey the Instructions of Guide

After all equipment are complete, then you should always listen to remember the instruction and techniques which are taught by the guide.

The instruction and techniques are matter to apply it for the fluently of adventure.


From all above, we can conclude that the Bali Quad Bike Riding is Safe as long as the participants obey the guide instruction and use equipment well.

So, what do you think about it all? Will you try the fun and safe adventure when visiting Bali? find the adventure package at affordable price here.


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