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5 Things You Should Bring When Bali Quad Bike Riding Tour

5 Things You Should Bring When Bali Quad Bike Riding Tour

Bali Quad Bike Riding is fun outdoor activity which offers many exciting challenges and obstacles along dirty and muddy routes where will involve you to conquer it on quad bike (also known as all-terrain vehicle).

The activity is appropriate for true adventurer because it offers many challenges and thrills along the natural track.

There are many unexpected and memorable experiences which can you get in the exploration and is good to enter into your list of things to do list during the holiday time.

5 Things You Bring Before Having Bali Quad Bike Adventure

The adventure is an extreme activity and you will maybe see the unexpected things. So that, get safe and fun adventure experiences, there are some things you should remember to bring when Bali Quad Bike Adventure, among them:

1. Action Camera

Bali Adventure Atv
Bali Adventure Atv

Along riding on Bali quad atv bike, you will see the fascinating and amazing vista particularly and will happen many fun moments particularly in track of rice field, waterfall, and forest. You don’t want to lose those valuable moments, right?

Camera is a mandatory item that you should remember to bring into preparation and it’s really advised to choose an action type.

You maybe get a question “why is action typical camera?” that’s because most of action typical camera usually offers a useful and special feature for the adventure such as waterproof and dustproof.

The features will be help in getting much fun moments along quad bike track without having to be worry for a damage when contact in water and dust.

The action typical camera is certainly designed in a compact form so that it will not be too much to take a space in your bag.

Besides that, you can also put up it on helmet by a leash stand in order to ease you in recording a video while riding quad bike without having to hold it directly.

Meanwhile, make sure you also remember to charger the battery of camera into full condition and prepare enough spaces or bring a backup storage to take images and record videos mores.

2. Sunblock/Sunscreen

Bali Quad Bike
Bali Quad Bike

As above that Bali ATV Adventure will take place along outdoor nature, it surely require you to contact in a radiation of sunshine directly.

The sunshine radiation is truly hot when afternoon as adventure time go on especially and will maybe make you skin looks dull and dirty.

For avoiding it, you should bring a sunblock or a sunscreen to protect your skin of ultraviolet.

It can be provided in the preparation from home or you can also buy the sunblock that range from about IDR 30.000 – IDR 250.000 at the minimarket on the side of street.

The sunblock has some useful benefits during quad bike adventure, such as:

  • Avoid your skin from burning and scorching.
  • Keep off the balance of skin tone evenly.
  • Prevent skin cancer due to the damaged skin tissue.

Therefore, make sure you remember to bring the skincare in bag for getting a comfortable adventure.

3. Sunglasses

Ubud Atv Riding
Ubud Atv Riding

You maybe wonder about “why should wear a glasses during adventure?” that is because most of the helmets in quad bike adventure, those’re designed without a glass cover in front side.

Hence, you should wear eyeglasses due to prevent eye irritation of dust and muds. Make sure you also choose a fit size of glasses on face so that is comfortable and not detached during riding quad bike.

In addition, sunglasses type is the best choice to use in the quad bike adventure because it has a special feature that prevent to blind your view of the sunshine so as will help you during conquering the track.  

4. The Change of Clothes

Bali Quad Bike Tour
Bali Quad Bike Tour

After finished the adventure, your clothes will be definitely wet and dirt which are caused by the mud and a splash of dirty water.

You don’t want to return back by wearing surely, right? Therefore, bring a change of clothes such as a shirt and pants in your preparation but not need for shoes. Because you are required to wear gumboots that has provided there.  

Most of quad bike adventure provider usually provide some the room to take a shower when finishing the adventure and you can change the clothes after that.

Besides that, you should also bring a special plastic which will be used to wrap your dirty clothes and ease you bring it.

So that, you can feel comfortable to return back without worrying to looks dirty because of the stained clothes.

5. Bravery and Energy

Bali Atv Riding
Bali Atv Riding

Along the quad bike terrain, there are many obstacles you will see during adventure as an extreme mounds that maybe will be possible to make your vehicle get stuck.

Besides that, a steep track which will wait and make you feel shivering there. Make sure you have had the bravery to conquer it all.

Perhaps you feel not ready but really want to join there. You can sit in behind with a partner who ride the quad bike in tandem package choice.

Moreover, quad bike adventure in Bali is long enough and takes about 2 hours. You should also have enough energy so that can conquer the obstacles along long track.

So, don’t skip to have a breakfast or lunch to increase your energy before adventuring.

Ubud Nature, Best Quad Bike Spot in Bali

Bali Quad Bike Atv
Bali Quad Bike Atv

Perhaps you are looking for best spot of quad bike spot in Bali, it can be got in Ubud, a countryside which offers top atv track with beautiful green panoramas.

The track will usually go pass natural points start from rice fields, small forests, river tracks, and waterfall. All these are full of stunning scenery and impress your sight surely.

The quad bike spots in Ubud are also suitable for you who are beginner or have no experiences because the track is categorized in easy level.

Meanwhile, your adventuring also will be accompanied by professional guide who will be ready to motive and help along quad bike.

The guide will usually tell and teach a few techniques and instruction to you before adventuring. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to try the adventuring during in Bali.  

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