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Quad Bike Bali Tour with Rice Paddies Tracks

Quad Bike Bali Tour with Rice Paddies Tracks

Do you search for fun things to do in Bali? Perhaps Quad Bike Bali Rice Paddies is a recommended adventure tour to try in the island.

What are the excitements of the tour? It will involve you in a thrilling exploration that is done on quad bike (all-terrain vehicle), as you find out more detail in the following!

Rice Paddies Route in Ubud

ATV Adventure in Rice Paddies of Bali
ATV Adventure in Rice Paddies of Bali

Bali quad bike tour is held in spot near Ubud area, where it features view of rice paddies as a main route of the adventure.

You will ride on a powerful quad bike along muddy and wet track by rice fields that stretch out alongside it.

Perhaps you have an adventure before the harvest season then its view looks so green, which may impress your eyesight.

Along the route, you may also see a few local farmer that work at their field as cutting grasses and maintaining the rice plants in traditional techniques and ways.

Interesting Routes

ATV Adventure in Bali Rice Paddies
ATV Adventure in Bali Rice Paddies

Besides that, the tour will also get through some interesting points namely: small forest and rural area.

In the small forest, you may also see muddy track. But, it is more challenging and may pump more adrenaline rush particularly in curves more and river tracks.

The tracks may make you lose the balance or the quad bike stick on muddy terrain. However, you shouldn’t worry about it because the guide will be ready to motive and help you in conquering it.

Meanwhile, the rural area offers easier track and you can see life of villagers in daily Balinese traditional such as mebanten.

That’s activity which gives special offerings to Butha Kala (manifestation of God) and is usually done after cooking by every family.

And you also combine the tour with Bali Rafting

Inclusion in the Tour

Bali Atv Adventure along rice paddies track
Bali Atv Adventure along rice paddies track

The tour package includes some supporting facilities, such as:

  1. Welcome Drink
  2. Safety Equipment (a helm and gumboots)
  3. Professional Guide
  4. Quad Bike Adventure (about 2 hours)

Remember to Bring the Items!

Before going to adventure, we really advise you to bring some items such as:

  • Sunblock
  • Changes of clothes

Sunblock is a helpful item to prevent a burnt skin by radiation of ultraviolet. It may be applied before starting adventure.

Meanwhile, a set of clothes should be prepared from your home. It consists of a casual t-shirt, pants, and other (depends on your style) which all will be a change after finishing the adventure.

Easy to Book the Tour

Perhaps you want to have the quad bike Bali tour with rice paddies tracks. Please, call or send us via contact below!

For our other packages, please visit --> Bali ATV Tours

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