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The Challenging Quad Bike Adventure in Bali Waterfall (Detail)

The Challenging Quad Bike Adventure in Bali Waterfall (Detail)

Not only rice field track, one of Bali quad bike adventure spot in Ubud also provides waterfall track in its adventure route.

The quad bike adventure in the waterfall track is often for those who want to have a fun adventure while seeing beautiful natural view.

It is so fun and challenging to explore the nature and conquer some trilling obstacles of muddy and wet terrains on a powerful quad bike or atv (all-terrain vehicle).

Waterfall Track in Green Jungle

Bali Quad Bike Waterfall
Bali Quad Bike Waterfall

The waterfall track is located in a hidden jungle where is overgrown by green tropical trees and plants, and also provides challenging terrains.

The terrain is dirty, wet, muddy, and rather steep.

You must control the handlebar and adjust the speed by pushing an accelerator button well for conquering all and getting the waterfall on the side cliff.

In the waterfall, the riders can take a break while playing the water and witnessing the picturesque view of the waterfall.

Some of the riders often use that moment to take photos in the waterfall background as memorable moments to remember for next year.

Preparation Before Adventuring

Bali ATV Adventure in the Waterfall
Bali ATV Adventure in the Waterfall

As known, Bali quad bike adventure is an extreme outdoor activity. The participant is required to apply safety equipment before adventuring.

The equipment consists of a helm and gumboots which both are already provided by the adventure providers.

The helm is really useful to protect head of concussion while gumboots are to protect feet from sharp objects along the route if the rider fell down from the quad bike.

After applying both items, the riders will do warming up and simulate to operate the quad bike by the guides accompany.

Need to know that operational of the quad bike is different than motorcycle particularly on the accelerator.

The accelerator of the motorcycle is generally pulled by a hand while the quad bike is pushed by a thumb.

When all above are ready, the riders will make a line on each quad bike. The guide will lead and accompany at the front, the middle, and the back of the line.

What to Bring

Bali Tandem ATV Adventure
Bali Tandem ATV Adventure

In addition, you also need to bring some supporting items from home as follow.

  1. Sunblock

The quad bike adventure is an activity that be done outdoor hence the sun may radiate and make the skin become burnt.

It’s important to apply a sunblock or sun cream before adventuring. You can buy it at a few the minimarkets.

  1. Sunglass

Besides the sun, you may get much dust along the route of the adventure. Sometime, the dusts come and irritate eyes because most of helm without a glass cover in the front.

You can wear a sunglass during the adventure to prevent eyes get dust and is dazzled by sunshine.

  1. Camera

During the moment maybe will happen a lot of unexpected moments. You should bring a camera to capture all moments into photos and videos.

For more amazing experience, you can choose a camera in action type by waterproof features because you probably will be contacted in water.

Meanwhile, the action camera usually has a smaller design so that it is easy to apply during the adventure.

  1. A Set of Clothes

Riding along the muddy surely make your clothes become wet and dirty. Bring a set of clothes for changing such as a casual t-shirt, underwear, and a pant.

The dirty cloth can be changed after you take a shower then bring it in plastic bag when returning back home.

So, are you interested to join in the adventure?

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