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Check Here! Ubud ATV Riding and White Water Rafting Price

Do you search for Double Combination Package between Atv Riding and White Water Rafting in Ubud? Here, we provide a special tour package at affordable price (IDR 250.000) which are already included complete facilities and services.

The tour package is a good choice for you who want to explore natural beauty of Bali Island and also get a memorable fun experiences. Both activities offer lot of thrilling obstacles which may pump your adrenaline rush and surely make your holiday become unforgettable.

When joining with us, it will give you many benefit and also safer experience. All that you need is already included in the tour package such as:

  1. Safety Equipment
  2. Professional instructor (guide in adventure)
  3. Lunch
  4. Other facilities (locker, shower, and change room)

For picking up, we serve area around the south of the island. You can discuss with us about your address and time to pick up.

As others, you are also required to bring personal item in the adventure tour, namely: change of clothes, sunblock, sunglass, camera and also cash money (personal expense).

All those are important to support your experiences particularly change of clothes which will be useful after finishing the adventure. You can take a shower before changing dry clean clothes.

Meanwhile, we really recommend you to prepare a camera in waterproof covers because some atv tracks requires to contact with splashes of water and muds which may damage component of camera,

Riding ATV and Explore Challenging Natural Spots

In ATV Adventure, we ride an ATV Bike (also called a quad bike) along route with wet and muddy terrains and also beautiful panoramas.

Before riding, the participants will be guided by professional instructor as wearing a helm and gumboots (safety equipment), introduction route and basic techniques of riding atv bike

All those usually take 15 – 30 minutes and is mandatory for safer experiences. After all are ready, all riders will make a line and the guides will be at the front and the back of it.

There are some tracks that you must pass in the adventure, namely rice field, village, river track, bamboo forest, and also small jungle (off-road terrains).

The river track and small jungle will challenge you to ride on wet muddy terrains. It’s so fun to make the water and muds splattered.

Meanwhile, the rice fields, village, and also bamboo forest feature beautiful panorama which may impress your eyes. You can ask guide to stop at one of point if want to take some photos in the background.

Board on an Inflatable Boat and Navigate Along Ayung River

Bali White Water Rafting River

The rafting adventure is also as fun as atv riding. It will be done on Ayung River – Ubud (the most popular rafting spot in Bali Island) with has challenging river route (about 10 kilometers).

The spot offer difficulty level in grades I – III that means you must face a rapid with large rock, medium stream, and also cascades (under 4 meters). It is suitable for the beginner and a reason why many peoples prefer Ayung River than others in the island.

White Water Rafting Ubud

As atv riding, the rafting adventure also require all participants wear safety equipment (a helm and a life jacket) which is already provided at office of the spot.

First session will be started to wear safety equipment and also introduction of the river route and also basic techniques in rafting adventure. Then, it is continued to go at the side of river and board an inflatable boat.

Waterfall at Ayung River Spot

One boat usually consist of 4 – 5 rafters with a guide. All participants also will hold a kayak to paddle during the rafting adventure.

Along route, you will get through some thrilling obstacles as maneuvering between large rocks and navigate on cascade. Also, see beautiful panorama of waterfall, forest, and also unique stone carvings.

Most of rafters usually take break at the panorama point above to take some photos. Particularly at waterfall, it is a good background to get awesome shot.

Stone Carving at Ayung River Ubud

Meanwhile, the existence of the stone carvings really make Ayung Spot become more special than others. It illustrated figures in Ramayana Story and was created by 50 local artists.

So, want to join us in fun challenging adventure? Please call via contact below for special atv riding and white water rafting package.

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