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Best Aussie Quad Bike Bali Adventure in Ubud Nature

Aussie Quad Bike Bali - Ubud Countryside is not only popular for culture and art tour but also its nature such as stunning rice fields, green forests, fabulous river, and unspoiled rural.

These natural points is a good spot if want to just relax mind and spoil eyes with its raciness. Whether, you can also try adventuring along those natural spots.

Atv Riding Bali Ubud

Atv Riding Bali Ubud

Aussie Quad Bike Bali or Atv Riding Activity is a recommendation of fun activities you can try in Ubud. It is suitable for you want to spend the worthy holiday time while enjoying a beautiful green nature.

This adventure will take involve you to go down the muddy and green track by powerful quad bike. It’s really exciting and fun when conquering every obstacles of track parts.

Best ATV Adventure Spot

Best ATV Adventure Spot

Perhaps you are wondering about where best atv adventure in Ubud. We truly recommend Silakarang Countryside, an area which is located in the south side of Ubud (About 20 minutes).

There are many atv adventure tour provider you can find in Silakarang. When arriving at the main street of the villages, you will see many the name sign that reads “adventure” along the way.

Choose one to start your adventure. It all offer fun and challenging track among the rice field, villages, river track, bamboo forest, and special off-road track at small jungle.

This adventure will probably take time about 1 – 2 hours. It is felt satisfying and offer many excitements to you

The Choices of ATV Riding Tours

Bali ATV Tour Package

In these atv riding tour spots, there are two package kinds you can choose. A few of people maybe feel confused to decide at first time. Those packages are

1. Single ATV Package

this choice is suitable for you want to get full thrill in Atv Riding. It will give you a solo riding experience.

2. Tandem ATV Package

This is recommended for those who want to adventure with a partner. You can take turn to ride with your partner.

What You Will Get in Package

Atv Quad Bike Tours Bali

In each these tour packages above include:

1. Safety Equipment

As you have known that ATV Riding is a quite extreme activity. Hence, you will be required to use the safety equipment such as: helmet and special boots.

2. Tour Guide

For guaranteed the safety of your adventure, professional tour guide will be provided to accompany and help you in conquering the tracks.

3. Shower

After adventuring along muddy track, your body will be dirty definitely. You can take a bath in the provided shower.

4. Food/Lunch

This atv riding adventure is indeed felt tired and will make get a hungry. The delicious food will also be provided for your tour package.

How? Do you have an interest to try this fun Atv adventure in Ubud? Don’t leave Ubud before you try this exciting outdoor activity.  

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