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Excitements of Atv Ubud Adventures Along Waterfall and Cave

ATV  or Quad Bike Adventure usually takes a route along wet and muddy track in the forests. It’s different than one of adventure tour operator in Ubud, which the operator offers Atv Adventure at waterfall and cave route.

Its spot is located at Payangan, a secret village in northern of Ubud. Have you ever heard? It can be reached by going straight to north on Kedewatan Street

Amazing ATV Adventure

Start Point of Bali ATV Adventure - Source: @instagram/__stephanieowens__ 

As above, the atv adventure features waterfall and cave route, and it will also go through a green forest with a little steep ways.

You can take family to join the adventure, particularly for children (from 7 years old) can join in tandem tour as a passenger with an adult to ride atv bike.

Safety Equipment

Ubud Adventure ATV Rice Field - Source: @instagram/helen.estellia

Before starting adventure, the participants must use some safety equipment such as:

  1. Helm
  2. Gumboots

Two items above are provided by operators. Then, the guide will tell some basic techniques of riding and take the participant to do simulation at near parking area.

Thrilling and Exciting Route

Ubud ATV Ride in Forest Track - Source: @instagram/yourbaliexotic

The adventure is started from parking area of atv. The participants will be ready to ride each atv bike and make a long line.

The line is led by some guides at the front, the middle, and the back for making sure that all participants are safe.

The guides also will be ready to help and motive if the riders have difficulties along the route.

Quad Bike Riding at Bali Waterfall - Source: @instagram/eichanbali_tour

After all are ready, the lines of riders start to follow along way in village, where you can see some local peoples and a few of rice fields at the sides.

Then, you will enter into the real adventure route, a long small forest, which it offers steep dirty tracks but full of green.

There are many trees and plants which grow around side of the ways.

Bali ATV Adventure at Waterfall Point - Source: @instagram/reecie2704

In the middle of the forest, you will see waterfall on the cliff. The riders can ask to stop over, and feel cool water or take some photos in waterfall background.

Then, the riding adventure continues to go through short forest path again before entering into cave track.

Bali Quad Bike in The Cave - Source: @instagram/eichanbali_tour

In the cave, the adventure will be more thrilling and exciting, which you will get different sensations along it.

The cave is so long, as wide as atv bike, and dark. You must turn on front light to see along the route. Almost all sounds reverberate here.

ATV Riding at Bali Cave - Source: @instagram/sirbriantharandom

In the middle of the cave, you will see open roof which gives rise to a little light.

And the last, the adventure will be finished in wet field with tress in the middle. The rider will go around the trees as finish point.

Okay, above are all about atv adventure in cave and waterfall track. When do you plan to try it?

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