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5 Tips Trekking on Mount Batur for Beginners

Trekking Mount Batur for Beginners - Talking about Bali’ Nature, it’s not only wonderful white sandy beaches. There are still much natural points you may expect in this God Island as one of others is awesome volcanos.

The most popular is Batur Mount, the place where you may witness the magnificence of gorgeous highland such as wonderful sunrise, caldera, and cloud sea scenery.

The elevation of Batur’s volcano is about 1.717 meters, it’s suitable for the beginner or you who want to get the first trekking experience.

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Tips Climbing Mount Batur

Perhaps you are a novice and want to try climbing on Batur Mount. We will tell you a few tips for the fluency of your trekking. Let’s see it below!

1. Hire a guide to accompany

Batur Trekking

Using guide service is very recommended for those who haven’t know more about the trek routes especially. The guide will help you to reach the peak of mount easily.   

2. Exercise a week before hiking

Batur Volcano

For avoiding the muscles cramps incident, you are advised to exercise a week before hiking.

Exercising is best way to prepare your muscles in conquering the routes.

3. Just carry a matter items

Batur Sunrise Trekking

As we know that climbing on the mount isn’t easy. Carry a heavy load on your back will make it more difficult.

Make sure you just bring the useful and matters items in the bag. The items, namely: meal, mineral water, jacket, etc.  

4. Take care of your health

Trekking to Batur Mount

Several days before trekking, you should take care of your health. For conquering the mountain, you must prepare energy and fit body before.

The effort you must do is by eating nutritious food such as vegetables and fruits.  

5. Take a rest for a while during the trekking

Beautiful Batur Background

In the trek to the peak, you will surely feel tired. Don’t force yourself, take a rest for a while on the way. It’s really advised if you are a beginner.

Those are a few tips for trekking on Batur Mount. Make sure the all points above are ready.

Meanwhile, there is one thing you should remember. Please, don’t litter in order to the nature remains beautiful.

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