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Bali White Water Rafting and Coffee Plantation Tour

Bali White Water Rafting and Coffee Plantation Tour

Visiting Bali isn’t complete if you haven’t tried rafting adventure. You can do rafting adventure on Ayung River, Ubud. Some travel agents combine it with coffee plantation into their tour package.

You can search the internet for Bali White Water Rafting and Coffee Plantation Tour and find one of travel agent to join.  It’s recommended tour for you who want fun and memorable experience.

Bali White Water Rafting


White water rafting adventure takes approximately 2 hours on route of Ayung River. It will challenge you to board an inflatable boat with using a paddle on hand.

On the inflatable boat usually consist of 5 rafters and a guide to accompany. You must have to work together in directing the boat.

Route of Ayung River has fascinating natural points namely: waterfall and small green forest. Also, you can see unique stone carving with form of figures in Ramayana Story.

Coffee Plantation in Kintamani

Kintamani Coffee Plantation
Kintamani Coffee Plantation

There are many coffee plantations in Bali, particularly Kintamani Area. There, you can find more about Kopi Bali as process of planting, roasting, and brewing.

In some coffee plantations, visitors can see process of making Luwak Coffee. It’s one of expensive coffee drink, which coffee bean is processed in the digestion of civet.

Besides a visit to coffee plantation, you can combine rafting with others activities such as tubing and atv riding in a day.

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