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3 Recommendation Spot of Waterfall Jumping in Bali

Need a recommendation of fun activity in Bali? As we know that God Island is paradise that offers a lots of nature spot and provide many exciting activities for fulfill the holiday.

The activities that you may try in the island, namely: trekking, cycling, diving, surfing, or even rafting. If you want more thrilling, maybe Bali Waterfall Jumping Tour is an activity that you should have in there.

Waterfall jumping activity is very popular at this time, especially for those who like a challenging sport in nature.

Bali Waterfall Jumping Tour

Waterfall Jumping in Bali

The thrilling activity may be tried in north side of the Island exactly at Sambangan Village (also known as Secret Garden), Buleleng Regency. It maybe will take 15 minutes from Singaraja City.

The village is also well-known because of surrounding by wonderful nature, such as: paddy fields, clove and cocoa plantation, marigold field, green hill, and surely waterfall to cliff jump.

There are 3 waterfall to get free jump in there. Let’s to read the following!

Waterfall North Bali Jumping Tour

1. Kembar Waterfall

Jumping Off Kembar Waterfall

The waterfall is suitable for the beginner. Like the name “Kembar” that means “Twin”, there are 2 waterfalls side by side you will see in there.

Kembar Waterfall has 10 meters height, it’s trilling enough when jumping off the cliff and falls down in natural pool with 4 meters deep.

2. Kroya Waterfall

Kroya Waterfall Bali

Kroya Waterfall offer the height 12 meters. Its located isn’t so far from Kembar Waterfall. You may also try thrilling jump experience in there.

Meanwhile, this waterfall offers more excitement because having special thing namely “natural slides”. You can get experience to slide on the nature rocks in there

It’s really fun like a smooth slide in waterpark.

3. Aling-Aling Waterfall

Aling-Aling Waterfall

Among the both of waterfall above, Aling-Aling waterfall has the cliff (side of waterfall) about 15 meter. Surely, it will be more challenging and thrilling.

In addition, this waterfall has 35 meter height. You aren’t advised to jump on the peak because of dangerous (only the cliff in the side).

Okay, that is a recommendation of waterfall jump spots in Secret Garden Village. Actually, there are 7 waterfalls spot in there.

If you want to know 4 others waterfalls, read also: 7 Wonderful Waterfalls in Bali Secret Garden Village.

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