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3 Canyoning Spots that You Must Try in North Bali for Beginner

Are you looking for the spot to spend vacation time? Bali Island or better known God Island is the most recommended site to get much funs and experiences. There are many nature destinations that you can visit in Bali start from the white sandy beaches, fascinating lakes, charming volcanos, and so on.

Each of those place will offer the exciting activities surely. Witnessing or swimming sunset on the beach, trekking on volcano, cycling in the rural, and camping on the edge of the lakes. All those are surely the best activities in nature to spending your holiday.

Whether probably you want to get more challenging experience, the Adventure of Canyoning in Northern Bali is the right choice for it. Have you ever heard this canyoning adventure? It is a new activity that you may get in Bali Island.

Bali Canyoning Adventure

Kalimudah Canyon

Canyoning or also known as Canyoneering is outdoor tour activity where it will involve you to explore the gorges and descend a few the waterfalls along the wilderness. In conquering the obstacles, it will use a variety of techniques such as rappelling, jumping, sliding, swimming, and zip-lining.

The Northern of Bali

In Northern of Bali Island, a highland areas that provides many nature points of waterfalls and gorges. Those hidden and untouched spots are a place where you will start to adventure. It truly give thrilling and challenging experiences in every unexpected obstacles.

Canyoning Spots in North Bali is tremendously full of the wonderful nature view that will be ready to spoil your eyes sight. The stretch of shady tropical trees, showy rocks is formed from volcano eruption naturally, and picturesque waterfall will be exist in your adventure.

3 Canyoning Spots in North Bali for the Beginners

There are many levels of canyoning adventure that you can have. Range from easy, medium, and also hard. All those is available in Bali. However, for those of you who have no experiences and skills should try the easiest or beginner level.

The following Canyoning Spot for the Beginners

  1. Kalimudah Canyon

    This canyoning spot in north Bali is feasible for everyone. You may even take your children (from 8 years old) to also join it. Hence, it is tremendously proper to be family tour. This spot features jumps (up to 8m), calm swims, natural slides & rappels (up to 15m).
    All those obstacles is indeed suitable for beginner. Along the trip will show off the marvelous nature and create the memorable memories. So, this Kalimudah Canyon will offer many funs while enjoying sundry nature scenery.
  2. Keren Kali Canyon

    In case you only have limited time in Bali but want to have amazing canyoning experience. This Keren kali Canyon is the best choice to create much fun of canyoneering. It takes place in hidden point of North Bali.
    This canyon consist of 2 parts, where the first part will take you to jump, slide, and short rappels inside the authentic gorges. It will feature caves and natural springs, its splendor will truly spoil the sight.
    The second part is more challenging than previous. Where you will rappel a picturesque waterfalls (the highest is 26 meters), swim in the river, and jump the ledge (up to 10 meters – optional). The both parts will surely offer unforgotten memories.
  3. Kali Kecil Canyon

    Limited time isn’t right reason to cancel getting fun canyoning adventure. Kali Kecil is perfect to create memorable moments in short time. This spot provides the easiest level of canyoning. Hence, take your children (min 8 years old) to join while knowing much about the nature. It is really fit for your family vacation.
    Although, Kali Kecil Canyon is categorized as the easiest level but it is still complete for its activities such as: sliding, abseiling, jumping, and swimming.

That is 3 canyoning spots in Bali for the beginner. Which one do you want to try? Before that, there is a few things that you must need to remember.

Bali Adrenaline Canyoning

Need to Remember!

Before starting to get fun in canyon, you surely have known that this canyoning adventure is categorized as extreme outdoor activity. Jumping the ledge of cliff, gliding on natural slides, swimming in depth, and rappelling at waterfall.

All those activities maybe sounds tremendously risky. Hence, you should need to have a few safety preparations before starting to adventure. This safety preparations are:

  • Full Canyoning Equipment

    Exploring along the gorges and descending the waterfall definitely require you to have a full canyoning safety equipment for the fluency in conquering the unexpected nature obstacles.
    In addition, canyoning equipment will avoid you of unwanted injuries that maybe get during the trip. The equipment are helmets, shoes, socks, wetsuits, canyoning harness and gloves.
  • The Professional Guide

    After full canyoning equipment, next you must find the professional guide and coach to accompany you in the adventure. Specially, for those of you who have no experience. The guide is truly what you need to explore more safely.

After read it, you maybe bother to prepare the both! Furthermore, let’s see how to get Bali Canyoning Adventure below!

Gitgit Waterfall Canyoning

How to Get!

For you just have short holiday time certainly get trouble to prepare all above. Look for the professional guide or coach and prepare canyoning equipment above will really waste much your holiday time.

Therefore, you should book canyoning tour package that can be got on activity tour service provider in Bali. Booking canyoning tour package will give many convenience to you. Starting from pick up or drop off service, the guide to accompany during adventuring, full safety canyoning equipment, and also a few snacks.

By this way, you don’t need to prepare anything else or waste time more.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t find it! Visit Wohoota for getting canyoning tour package. We have a friendly and certified guide to accompany your adventure! In addition, they will teach variety techniques of canyoning and also help you to conquer the obstacles of North Bali Nature. Have a safe and fun adventure!

So, when do you plan to try this extreme adventure in Bali?

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