All You Must Know About Bali Tubing Tour 2023

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Besides being suitable as for a rafting activity, some river spots in Bali are also good as for tubing or river tubing tour.

Some of people probably feel strange when hearing “tubing activity”. Actually, it is a little similar to rafting activity, which it will involve you in navigation along river route on an inflatable boat.

It’s just that there are 2 points that distinguish between tubing and rafting as below!

Difference between Tubing and Rafting

A tubing group tour in Bali River - @hvorervi (Instagram)

1. Size of inflatable boat

First, the both look different on use of each size of boat. Tubing boat is smaller than rafting and it looks like an inner tube or a doughnut which may be boarded by only one – two persons.

Otherwise, boat size of rafting is bigger than tubing, which it may be boarded by 4 – 6 persons.

2. The use of a paddle

When navigating, every participant of rafting will hold each paddle to control and push the boat.

While, tubing activity doesn’t use a paddle in the navigation. Every participant only holds on clasp boat or sometimes joins hands with other participants to control the direction of boat.

Equipment for Tubing

Participants with Guide in Bali Tubing Tour - @bioadventurer

As rafting, there are some equipment that need to apply when navigating along the river. The equipment are:

  • Helm, to protect head of bump of hard object as rocks of river.
  • Life jacket, to keep you float along the river if falls down of boat.
  • Knees and elbow pads, to protect of bump or stretch from hard object.

All above usually have provided by adventure provider when you book a tour package.

Bali Tubing Tour Price

River Tubing in Bali Wilderness - @therealslim_cheney

Price of tubing tour packages in Bali range from IDR 650.000 for adults and IDR 520.000 Children (7 - 12 years).

It usually includes some conveniences and facilities such as:

  • Hotel Transfer

Hotel Transfer service consists of private car and driver facilities, which will be ready to transfer you.

  • Safety Equipment

Safety equipment consists of a helm, a life jacket, and knees and elbow pads.

  • Tubing Guide

The professional guide is also provided to accompany the participants.

  • Insurance Coverage

Insurance is usually available to protect in case a participant experience an unexpected accident during the adventure.

  • Shower Room with Towel

After adventuring, you may take a shower in available room with towel.

  • Lunch

At the end, you may enjoy a lunch (mostly buffet menu).

The prices above may be different on every adventure operator because of other facilities and services that add in tour package.

Meanwhile, tour package for tubing usually may be combined with other activities such as Bali quad bike or rafting.

What to Bring When Adventuring

Beautiful Route of Bali Tubing Tour - @prie_a_biranta

For getting safe and fun experience, there is a preparation that you should bring from home such as:

  • Proper Outfit

Proper outfit mean items to wear during the tubing such as: a t-shirt and short pant.

Make sure you bring the items in fit size (avoid tight or oversize) so that allow you move freely.

  • Change of Cloth

Bring a set of change of cloth to wear after the activity. Because tubing activity will require you to contact in water and make your previous clothes.

  • Waterproof Camera

Camera is optional item but really help if you don’t want to lose all moment during the adventure.

Besides that, make sure the camera is waterproof type in order not to broken when it contacts in water.

  • Extra Cash Money

You are also required to bring extra cash money perhaps want to soft drink or snacks.

Recommendation of Rivers in Bali for Tubing Spots

Adventure of Tubing along Bali River - @balitubing

Tubing in Bali isn’t as well-known as rafting activity hence its spots are a little. The following are a few good river spots that you may try in Bali, namely:

1. Yeh Penet River

Tubing Adventure at Yeh Penet River Bali

Yeh Penet River is a spot that located at Tanah Wuk, Sangeh, Badung Regency. The spot is about 3.5 kilometers and need approximately 1.5 hour – 2 hours from start to finish.

Along the route, you will navigate and conquer challenging rapids (difficulty level of rapids in class 2+) and full of turns among big rocks of rivers.

Besides that, lush green natures also exist and surround along sides of river. Its beauty may really impress your eyesight.

2. Ayung River

Tubing Adventure at Bali Ayung River

Ayung River is another spot that located in Ubud Area, Gianyar Regency. The spot is about 11 kilometers and need approximately 2.5 - 3 hours from start to finish.

The spot offers challenging rapids where you can also feel thrilling experience while witnessing the beauty of nature around the rivers.

However, it is only open for participant above 15 years old because the difficulty level of rapid is between classes 2 – 3.

3. Pakerisan River

Tubing Adventure at Pakerisan River Bali

Pakerisan River is a tubing spot that located in Tampaksiring Area, Gianyar Regency. The spot is about 4.5 kilometers or approximately 1.5 hours to finish.

The spot offers a rapids route with difficulty level in classes 2+. The navigation of tubing is full of obstacles of rocks gaps, curves route, and the beauty of lush forest along sides of river.

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