Everything That You Must Know About Bali Water Rafting Tour

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Do you need a recommendation of fun activity in Bali? Perhaps Bali rafting tour is a good choice to try during vacationing in the island.

Rafting or White Water Rafting is an outdoor activity that allows you to navigate along river stream and conquer some rapids and cascades on an inflatable boat.

In case, you haven’t known more about Bali Rafting Tour. In this page, we will tell some information regarding it as:

Bali Rafting Tour

  1. Equipment for Rafting
  2. Top Rafting Spot in Bali
  3. What to Bring When Rafting

Well! Let’s find out all above one by one in the following.

Equipment for Rafting

Bali Rafting Adventure - IG @dewaayuputri.ap

As above, the rafting will involve you in navigation along stream of river on an inflatable boat. It is quite extreme and hazardous if done without safety equipment.

In general, there is some equipment that applied in rafting, namely:

  • Helm

Helm is a very useful item to avoid of a head injury due to impact of hard objects such as rock in the river.

  • Life Jacket

Life Jacket is designed to assist a rafter to keep afloat in water in case the boat overturned.

  • Paddle

Paddle or Kayak is an item to make a form of propulsion for pushing and controlling the boat along the stream

All above are usually prepared by adventure tour provider in each package.

Top Bali Rafting Spots

There are actually many rivers in Bali Island, but not all of them are suitable as for a rafting spot.

The following are some popular river spots for rafting in Bali, namely:

  1. Ayung River

Rafting at Ayung River - IG @araggnaa

Ayung River is the most popular rafting spot in Bali. The location is near and about 20 kilometers from Ubud Countryside.

Hence, the spot is always preferred by many people because not need too much times to get there, especially those who are staying near the countryside.

Regarding the distance of the route, Ayung River has a long route about 10 kilometers and will take approximately 1.5 hour – 2 hours from start to finish point.

In addition, it is suitable for beginners because offering difficulty levels of rapids in classes II – III.

The class II means a level that has some large rocks along rapid, and the rafter have a basic expertise in pedaling.

While the class III means a level that has some small waves, large rocks, and cascades about 4 meters along the rapid. The beginner must be accompanied by a guide during the rafting.

Moreover, Ayung river also has an own characteristic than other rafting spot in the island. Its characteristic is on stone carving ornaments that stretch along 300 meters sides of river.

Carving Art at Ayung River

The ornaments illustrated about Ramayana Story and be created by 50 local artists.

The lush natures also exist along sides of river that may impress your eyesight along the rating. Therefore, Ayung River is recommended as for just having fun.

Perhaps you are interested to have rafting at the river, the following are an adventure tour provider of Ayung River, namely:

Sobek Rafting Ubud

  1. Telaga Waja River

Rafting at Telaga Waja River

Telaga Waja River is a rafting spot that located in Muncan Village, Karangasem Regency, eastern of Bali Island.

The river has a long route about 16 Kilometers and will take approximately 2.5 hours. Hence, it’s often called as longest rafting route in Bali.

The river is also suitable for beginner and its level of difficulty is being in classes II - IV (more challenging than Ayung River).

The class IV means there are medium waves and stream, large rocks, and cascades about 6 meters along the rapids. The rafter is also required an expertise and take a guide.

So, it is more recommended for you who want to have more thrilling route.

Besides that, Telaga Waja River is also far from the rush of urban so that it offers unspoiled nature. In the sides of the river, you may see stretches of rice fields and forest that are green and lush.

All above really impress eyesight. Moreover, the situation throughout the river is also fresh and cool because the existence of many trees in the sides.

Perhaps you want to have a rafting experience at Telaga Waja River. The following is a tour provider you can choose, namely:

Alam Amazing Adventure

  1. Melangit River

Rafting at Melangit River

The location of Melangit River is in Klungkung Regency. You may need about 1 hour 30 minutes driving (about 38 kilometers) from Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport.

The river is as good as both rivers above and also offers unspoiled nature and cool atmosphere because of far from the rush of urban.

Melangit river has a long route about 7,5 Kilometers and take approximately 1.5 hour from start to finish.

It sounds rather short and more recommended for you who want to have first rafting experience at short challenging route.

Although the route is short but the difficulty of rapids is as same as Telaga Waja River, between classes II – III where you will conquer some rapids with height start from 1 meter to 4 meters.

As Ayung and Telaga Waja Rivers, the beauty of nature at Melangit River is also amazing and shows off a stretch of stunning view of tropical trees and waterfall.

If you go rafting in the morning, tunable chirp of birds may also make the situation become more peaceful.

Whether you can see activities of local’s life around the river.

If you are interested to do a rafting at Melangit River, there is a provider in Bali that offers it, namely

Bakas Levi Rafting

What to Bring When Rafting

Adventure at Bali River Route - IG @purba_130597

For getting a comfortable rafting tour, there are some items you should bring as:

  1. Swimsuit

When rafting, you should avoid wearing the clothes which may absorb water such as 100% cotton goods. That’s because wet clothes may make you feel shivering and reduce endurance.

Hence, you can wear swimsuit to have a challenging rafting experience.

  1. Special Adventure Shoes

You are also advised to wear special adventure shoes because the rafting adventure may take a break at a waterfall points in the middle of route.

It requires you to walk down on at the bottom of a river with shallow water, where there are many small stones that may hurt your feet when walking it.

  1. Sunblock Cream

As you have known that rafting is an outdoor activity, the radiation of sunlight may make burnt skin. Apply a sunblock cream on your skin before go rafting.

  1. Change of Clothes

Remember to bring a set of change of clothes in preparation before go rafting. It will wear after finishing the adventure so that you get cold of wet clothes.

  1. Waterproof Camera

Camera is an optional item but truly helpful if you don’t want to lose all fun moment along rafting.

It is also recommended to bring kind of waterproof camera in order to may take more pictures or record videos even contact in the water.

After finding out above, are you ready to go rafting? Make sure you remember all what should bring.

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