Bali Quad Bike Tour: Best Tracks, Preparation, and Recommendation of Operators

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Bali Quad Bike Tour or also known as ATV Adventure is an outdoor activity which will involve you to conquer challenging tracks of nature on an all-terrain vehicle (atv).

Perhaps you plan to try the quad bike activity tour in Bali and want to know it more detail. Let’s find out all about Quad Bike Tour as:

  • Tracks of the quad bike
  • Package choices of quad bike tour
  • What includes in tour package
  • What need to bring
  • Recommendations of quad bike tour operators in Bali

All above, we will tell one by one below!

Tracks of Quad Bike

Conquering Muddy and Wet Track in Bali ATV Adventure - Photo by @bam_gautam

In general, the adventure of Adventure usually takes route along wet, muddy, steep tracks.

Besides that, the route will also get through some beautiful points of nature such as:

  • Rice Field

Rice field is a popular point for atv track in Bali, where you may adventure while seeing stretches of rice paddies plants and local farmers who are working in their fields.

  • Forest

Forest or jungle point offers more challenging terrains, where you will see and get through steep mounds while enjoying cool atmosphere among many tropical trees.

  • Traditional Village

Village point generally offers easy terrain and you can see a life and activities of local people along village.

  • Cave

Cave or tunnel is most favorite point because it’s so long and exciting to pass. The point only exists in Payangan, Ubud.

  • Beach

The beach point offers a sandy track and recommended for you who want to have more relaxed terrain.

All track points above can be got in a few of place in the island namely: Ubud or Tabanan.

Ubud usually more features track route in points of rice field, traditional village, jungle, and also cave. While in Tabanan, it more features a route in beach point, jungle, and rice field.

2 Package Choices of Bali Atv Tour

A Rider on Quad Bike - Photo by @healthnative

The operators of atv tour in Bali mostly offers 2 kind of package choices, namely:

  • Single Atv Package

The single package means an atv bike will be ridden by only one person as a solo rider. The rider is required to be 17 years old or above.

The price of single package ranges from USD $40 – USD $60.

  • Tandem Atv Package

The tandem package means an atv bike will be ridden by two persons. It is recommended for those who want to take a partner (who hasn’t been able to ride) to join as a passenger.

The price of tandem package ranges from USD $95 – USD $130.

Meanwhile, some of the operators also offer the combination tour between atv adventure with others activity such as: rafting, tubing, or swing.

What Includes in Tour Package

Atv Riding Bali

Each tour package above usually includes supporting facilities and services as:

  • Hotel Transfer

Booking an atv tour mean you may also get a hotel transfer service such as pick up and drop off. It consists of a car and driver.

The transfer area generally covers Kuta, Ubud, Sanur, Seminyak, Canggu, Nusa Dua, etc.

  • Full Safety Equipment

The atv adventure is hazardous and extreme. Every participant will be required to use safety equipment such as a helm and gumboots.

  • Professional Guide

A few guides will be also provided to accompany during the adventure as in the front and back of line.

In case a participant has a trouble during the adventure, then the guide will be ready to help and motive him.

  • Insurance

An insurance coverage is also included in the package in case there is a rider who probably experiences unexpected accident during the adventure.

  • Shower and change room

The riders and their clothes surely become dirty and wet after adventuring. They can take a bath and change their clothes in available shower room.

  • Lunch

After taking a bath, the rider will be served a delicious lunch at end of the tour. It is proper to recharge energy that is drained in the adventure.

What Need to Bring

Bali Quad Bike Adventure

For having a fun tour experience, you should prepare some proper items before go adventuring. The preparation is as:

  • Sunblock

Quad bike riding will be held along outdoor track. It surely requires you contact in a radiation of sunlight.

Hence, apply a sunblock on your skin before adventuring to prevent it from burning.

  • Sunglass

Helm for atv rider, usually has no a glass cover in the front as like a bicycle helm.

Hence, bring a sunglass to protect your eyes of dust, muds, or glare of sunlight along the trip.

  • Camera

During the adventure, you probably will see much unexpected and fun moments. An camera will help you to capture and save all moment in photos and videos record.

And make sure you also remember to prepare enough space so that get many pictures.

  • Change of cloth

Change of cloth is also required to bring because adventuring in muddy and wet track definitely will make your cloth become dirty and wet.

Bring a set of the cloth so that you don’t get cold when returning back.

  • Extra money

Extra money is advised to prepare because you may need it when wanting to buy some mineral water or snack.

Recommendations of Atv Adventure Operators in Bali

Perhaps you feel confused about where good spot to have an atv adventure. In the following, we will tell you about a few recommendations, namely:

  1. Green Bali Adventure ATV
ATV Adventure at Bali Green Adventure

Green Bali Adventure is located in the southern of Ubud exactly Silakarang Area.

It offers atv adventure with 5 kinds of tracks such as rice field, villages, river track, bamboo forest, and muddy track at the small jungle.

Address: Singapadu Street, Singapadu Kaler, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali.

  1. Kuber Bali Adventure
Riding ATV at Bali Cave - Photo by @eripalgunadi

Kuber Bali Adventure is being in Payangan village, the northern of Ubud. It features atv adventure tour with amazing tracks namely: small forest, waterfall, and cave (tunnel).

Address: Br. Bayad, Melinggih Kelod, Payangan, Gianyar, Bali.

  1. Bali Beji River Adventure
Bali Atv Riding at Bali Beji River Adventure

Bali Beji River is also located in Silakarang, the southern of Ubud. It offers challenging atv tracks such as: a forest, river track, and traditional village.

Address: Singapadu Street, Singapadu Kaler, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali

  1. Aussies Bali Adventure
Beach Point of Bali Quad Bike - Photo by @sylvia09veronica

Aussies Bali Adventure is located in Tabanan Regency. It features awesome tracks such as remote black sand beach, rice fields, jungle tracks and traditional local villages.

Address: Tibubiu, Kerambitan, Tabanan Regency, Bali

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