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Bali Quad Bike and White Water Rafting: Best Things to Do in Ubud

Bali Quad Bike and White Water Rafting: Best Things to Do in Ubud

What are interesting activities you want to do in Ubud? Watch Balinese Dances? Whether visit to enjoy an authentic atmosphere in traditional villages? All those are indeed exciting and amazing.

However, you should also try more fun others there, Bali Quad Bike and White Water Rafting Tour. They are the best things to do in Ubud that will involve you in exploration around stunning nature.

There are many challenges and obstacles in the adventures and make sure you are ready to conquer those all. Perhaps you are getting curious for it, let’s find out in the following reviews.

Bali Quad Bike, a Challenging Adventure in Ubud

Atv Riding Bali

Maybe you have ever heard about off-road adventure on a trail motorcycle which is so extreme when passing through extreme dirt tracks.

So is Bali ATV Ride Ubud, which also offers full thrilling challenges where it will be conquered on a powerful all-terrain vehicle (quad bike).

The adventure is truly fun and take place on a popular spot in Payangan (North Side of Ubud) exactly at Bali Kuber Adventure.

The spot is suitable for those who haven’t been experienced yet (beginner) and recommended for a family who want to have a fun activity with their children (min 9 years old).

There are two kinds of atv riding experiences you can choose such as:

  1. Atv Single, a solo riding experience where a quad bike will be ridden only for one person.
  2. Atv Tandem, a riding experience with a partner in back (a quad bike for two persons) which is advised to you who take the children.

Safety Equipment of Bali ATV Adventure

Bali Quad Bike Adventure

As you have read above, atv riding is an extreme adventure. Each participant will be required to wear the safety equipment, namely:

  1. Helmet, a head protector which is usually used by a motorcycle rider in general but it is without a glass cover in front of side.
  2. Gumboots, special shoes that are made from rubber and will covered the feet until under knees exactly.

After wearing it, a professional guide will teach and take you to simulate a few techniques for fluency of adventure. They also will ensure that all is ready.

The Best Route of Bali Quad Bike

Next, the riders make in long line each quad bike and will be led a guide at front and behind of line. Then, pull an accelerator on right hold of handlebar to start an adventure from a parking area of vehicle.  

1. Stunning Rice Field

Bali ATV Adventure

First track will follow along uneven land contour and go pass through green area where there are a stretches of rice field in every sides.

It is so stunning along the tracks. You also will see extreme steep way there which should be conquered boldly and carefully.

2. Hidden Fascinating Waterfall

Bali Riding Atv in Waterfall

During the track, a beautiful waterfall scenery in hidden point will impress the eyes.

You can ask getting off to guide for just taking interesting images in the background or relax while enjoying the scenery.

3. The Dark Cave

Bali ATV Cave

In front of the point, the riders enter into hollow in the middle of cliff door to a cave. It looks like a train tunnel which is as wide as quad bike and resound when screaming there.

The track is so long dark and you should turn on light of ATV along the track so that can see it clearly. The wall of cave is full of ground and you will see light at the top in a few parts.

4. The Stunning Small Forest

Getting out of a long cave, it be continued to the dirty and muddy track in small forest with tropical trees and bamboo plant in the side. It is challenging and fascinating.

The last route will end at wet field with a finish tree in the middle, the riders will spin twice and more there.

After finished all track, your body and clothes are certainly dirty and full of muds. The participants can take a bath and change the clothes in a provided shower.

Bali White Water Rafting, Exploration Along Thrilling River

Ubud Ayung River
Ubud Ayung River

If ATV Quad Bike take place on the land track, then the rafting activity will take place along a water route exactly the river.

Ayung River is the most popular rafting spot that you can choose in Ubud, Bali. It is about 12 kilometers route long and good for the beginners because of offering easier difficulty levels.

Before starting it, the each participant will be allowed to use a locker for changing the cloth or getting ready.

Safety Equipment of Rafting

Bali Ayung Rafting
Bali Ayung Rafting

They are also required to use a few safety equipment for safety such as:

  1. Helmet, an item that functions to protect a head from the bump.
  2. Life Jacket, that’s functions to avoid the drowned accident.

After all is ready, the participants will go to river bank by walking down on footpaths and stairs.

Bali Rafting Ayung River

Rafting at Ubud River
Rafting at Ubud River

On arrival at river bank, you see a line of inflatable boats with canoes which will be used to explore the river. Each boat is boarded by 4 participants and one guide.

The participants are required to warm up and simulate few techniques here for fluency. Then, one by one boat start to sail down along the river.

1. Authentic Carving Art

Carving Art at Ayung River
Carving Art at Ayung River

The first route will pass a calm river point which be flanked by a small rain forest. As far as eyes see, there are many wild plants that overgrow beside it. The atmosphere is also shady and cool.

Besides that, you also will see authentic carving art along rocky of river banks. It’s beautiful and relate on Hinduism typical nuance in Bali.

The carving art is the most wanted part in Ayung River by many people who get curious for it.

2. Fascinating Natural Cascades

Ayung Rafting Bali
Ayung Rafting Bali

Next, it will be continued to the most challenging part as conquering a river route with big rocks.

You must cooperate to conquer it when keeping the balance of the boat is not reversed especially. It is thrilling and make you want to scream loudly.

In the middle of routes, you will see a cascade with calm water flow that falls down the cliff. The participant is also allowed to stop over for taking a rest and capturing many pictures.

Green Ubud Rafting
Ubud Rafting River

After taking about 2 hours raft, it will be finished at small port of river bank. Each participant may take a shower and change their clothes in the special rooms.

Make sure you remember to bring a waterproof camera in the adventures for capturing memorable and unforgotten moments there.

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