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Find Out 7+ Things in Bali Atv Caves And White Water Rafting

Find Out 7+ Things in Bali Atv Caves And White Water Rafting

Bali Atv Caves and White Water Rafting are two challenging activities tour to make your vacation become more memorable and unforgettable.

Both activities will offer exciting experiences to you in exploring Bali’s nature, which you may remember it for year after year.

Let’s find out all about the activities tour for more detail, as follows.

  1. Including in the Tour

Bali ATV at Cave Route
Bali ATV at Cave Route

For offering fun tour experiences to you, we include some facilities and services into the tour, as all of them are:

  • Hotel Transfer (Picking up and dropping off service).
  • Adventure Guides (White Water Rafting and Atv Riding).
  • Full equipment (Both adventures).
  • Shower Room Facilities (After adventuring)
  • Delicious Lunch (usually in Indonesian buffet menu)
  • Insurance Coverage.
  1. Starting in Good Preparation

ATV Adventure in Bali Waterfall
ATV Adventure in Bali Waterfall

Before doing the activities, there is preparation that you must provide for comfortable experience. The preparation consists of;

  • 2 set of clothes for changing
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglass
  • Camera
  • Extra Money

All are important to support your tour. So, make sure you already prepare before having the tour.

  1. Picking up You at Hotel

Quad Bike Adventure at Bali Waterfall
Quad Bike Adventure at Bali Waterfall

The tour will be started to pick up at the hotel (place where you stay), our service covers area around Bali namely: Canggu, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Pecatu, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Ubud, and so on.

Atv adventure will be held at one of spot in Payangan Village (the northern of Ubud), while rafting at Ayung River (still in Ubud Area).

The time for picking up depends on how far distance from your address and use an comfortable car with licensed to accompany your trip.

  1. Riding ATV along the Cave

Bali ATV Riding Along Cave Tunnel
Bali ATV Riding Along Cave Tunnel

Atv adventure (also known as Bali Quad Bike) is different than others because featuring a distinctive track, that’s a cave route which it offer more unique experience to you.

The adventure will be started to use full equipment by every participant. The equipment consists of a helm and gumboots.

Then, the guide will teach basic technique for riding, and take the participant to simulate it on the atv bike.

Next, all participant usually make a long line on each bike, which it is usually led by some guide at the front, middle, and back.

Riding along the cave offers different than others because it is so dark, long, and as wide as the atv bike. You must turn on front light of atv so that may see along the route.

Meanwhile, the route also gets through the forest and waterfall which they impress your eyes.

  1. Rafting along Ayung River

River Rafting Adventure in Bali
River Rafting Adventure in Bali

Bali Rafting (better known as white water rafting) is an adventure that will be held along the river route where you must navigate on an inflatable boat to conquer through rapid.

As above, every participant surely will be also required to use full safety equipment such as: a helm and a life jacket before doing the adventure.

Then, the guide will also teach basic techniques of rafting such as how hold and us a paddle, and take the participants to do warming up.

Next, each of rafting group (usually 4 participants and a guide) will board on each boat.

Along the route, you will be challenged to conquer some obstacles such as: a gap of rocks, rapids, and a river stream. You and group must team up in controlling direction of the boat.

Not only that, you can also see many beautiful and unique view along the route as some of them are stone carving ornaments (only at Ayung River) and green forest.

The ornaments stretch out approximately 300 meters along sides of river, which they illustrated Ramayana Story and are created by 50 local artists.

  1. Having Delicious Lunches

Balinese Stone Carving at Balli Ayung River
Balinese Stone Carving at Balli Ayung River

After finishing each adventure, you can take a shower at the provided room in the adventures spot. And also change your wet clothes.

Then, you can have a delicious lunch that is usually served in Indonesian Buffet Menu.

Have a lunch after adventure is really appropriate to recharge your energy.

  1. Returning Back to the Hotel

At the last, we will return back. Our driver will be ready to drop off you at hotel.

How to Join Into The Tour

Perhaps you have an interest to join into the tour? You can check Bali ATV Ride Price List first. For booking, please call us via our contact below.

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