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White Water Rafting and Atv, Fun Outdoor Activities in Bali Island

White Water Rafting and Atv Bali are challenging activities that can be tried in Bali, both offers challenging and sensations. They are suitable to fulfill your valuable holydays and make it more memorable and unforgettable.

White Water Rafting Bali

Bali Adventure Rafting

Bali rafting tours is outdoor adventure which will involve you in conquering the river route full of challenges by inflatable boat and canoe.

One boat will be generally boarded by a group that consist of 4 participants and a guide to accompany it.

Bali Rafting Tours

Before rafting, the participants will be required to warm up and wear the safety equipment such as life jacket and helmet. A few techniques are also taught by the instructors for the fluency.

Bali ATV Ubud

Atv Riding Bali Ubud

Bali Atv Riding Adventure is activity that will take you to explore challenging and muddy tracks where you must conquer to pass through a small hill and valley in the forest by a powerful quad bike.

The activity generally takes about 1-2 hours (depends on the difficulty of routes) and the participants are also required to wear special equipment such as helmet and boots before it.

Items You Should Remember to Bring

Bali ATV Tour Package

Before having it, there are two items you should remember to bring such as:

1. Change of clothes

After adventuring, your clothes will maybe be dirty and wet. Change of clothes is really useful to avoid of get cold.

2. The Camera

Both Adventure take place in the stunning nature spot. You shouldn’t lose many moment if forgetting to bring a camera.

So, make sure you remember to bring two items.

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