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5 Reasons Why Should Join in Bali Rafting and ATV Ride with Us

Want to try fun outdoor activities in Bali? Here, we provide a special combo tour between white water rafting and atv riding, which it is the best choice to fulfill your day in the island.

In the special combo tour, we will invite you to do two thrilling activities as whites water rafting and atv riding which both offer many excitements to make your holiday become unforgettable.

During the activities, you will be challenged to conquer some obstacles as river rapids in rafting adventure and dirty track in atv riding adventure.

The following are some reasons why you should join in Bali Rafting and ATV Riding Tour with us.

  1. More Amazing Adventure Spots

And, the atv riding spot provides beautiful views of traditional village, rice fields, and green forest. You can ask the guide to stop in point if want to take some photos in the background.

Therefore, don’t forget to bring a camera in adventuring and make sure you also prepare a waterproof cover in order to protect it from a splash of water and muds.

  1. Safety Equipment and Professional Guide

    Bali White Water Rafting River

Perhaps you are a novice (have no experience) in both adventures above and get a trouble in a track. Don’t worry about it because we have some professional guides to accompany your adventure.

The guides are experienced and will be always ready to motive and help you. Not only that, the safety equipment is also provided in the office of each spot and will be used before adventuring.

The safety equipment in rafting consists of a life jacket and a helm while the equipment in atv riding are a helm and gumboots.

In addition, you will be told introduction of each spot situation and basic techniques. Then, it will be continued by warming up and simulating the techniques.

The techniques in rafting adventure consist of teaming up and paddling while the atv riding adventure consist of basic operational of accelerator and break.

Need to note that riding atv is similar to motorcycle, it is just the accelerator must be pushed by using thumb of right hand.

  1. Complete Facilities

    Safety Equipment in Ayung Rafting Adventure Ubud

Besides safety equipment and guide, there are some other facilities to support your experience which include in tour package. The facilities are a locker, a shower room, lunch, and insurance.

After finishing adventure, you can take a bath in the shower room and also change of clothes.

Then, it will be continued to enjoy delicious lunch which is usually Indonesian Buffet (May changed at any time) which really may recharge energy.

  1. Memorable Fun Experience

    The Rafters to Ayung River Spot

Conquer the challenging obstacles while seeing the stunning panorama are surely a memorable fun experience that you get there.

Make sure you don’t forget to capture all moment during the adventure into photos and video records so that you can remember this experience for next years.

So, are you ready to join in combo activities tour with us? Please contact us via below for more detail.

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