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5 Things You Should Bring When Bali Quad Bike Riding Tour

Bali Quad Bike Riding Adventure is a fun outdoor activity that features thrilling challenges and obstacles on the dirt route, it all will be conquered by riding a quad bike (also called ATV Bike).

The adventure is really recommended for those of you who want an epic experience and memorable memories during holiday in Bali Island.

There are various kind of terrains that you must conquer on the route, namely: wet and muddy terrains and also steep track. So, it is a things you shouldn’t miss in the island.

5 Things to Bring When Joining Bali Quad Bike Adventure

When joining Bali Quad Bike Adventure, you shouldn’t forget to bring some mandatory items to support your experience and also make it safer. All the items, namely:

  1. Action Camera

Bali ATV Adventure

Along the route of the adventure, you will see various kind of fascinating sceneries such as rice paddies panorama, a beautiful village, a fabulous waterfall, and green forest.

Will you miss it all before taking photos in background of the sceneries? If not, you should bring a camera to capture all moment there.

We highly recommend you to bring a camera in action type (special for adventure).

Why is the action camera recommended? Because, it has a feature of waterproof that is important to let you capture moment without worrying a splashes of water or muds enter and damage into vital component in the camera.

In addition, the action camera also has a smaller design than other type – which make it easy to bring during adventure and don’t need a big space in your backpack.

You can bring the camera by installing it with holder on the helm. This way will let you focus to ride without having to hold the camera during adventure.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to charge battery of your camera and prepare empty space of storage for more many images and videos.

  1. Sunblock/Sunscreen

Bali Quad Bike

The outdoor activity as the Bali ATV Adventure, it will involve you contact with sun exposure which may cause your skin become wrinkles, leathery, and looks dulls.

For prevent it all, you should apply a sunblock (sunscreen) on skin before adventuring to protect skin from the sun exposure.

The sunblock can be got easily in nearby minimarkets around tourist areas, and usually cost from IDR 30.000 – IDR 250.000 (depends on brand and size).

The following are benefits when wearing sunblock during adventure.

  • Prevent skin from wrinkles and leathery
  • Keep balance of skin tone
  • Avoid skin cancer

So, make sure you remember to prepare the sunblock from your hotel.

  1. Sunglass

Ubud Atv Riding

Besides harming skin, sun exposure may also dazzle your eyes bike so you may lose of sight when riding the quad bike. It surely may endanger your safety when adventuring.

Most of helm in Bali ATV Adventure aren’t equipped by glass visor in the front. Hence, you really need to wear a sunglass during adventure to prevent your eyes dazzled.

In addition, wearing sunglass will also prevent your eyes getting dust along the dirt route.

Choose a sunglass in fit size for your face so your adventure keep comfortable and the sunglass is not detached during riding quad bike.

  1. Change of Clothes

Bali Quad Bike Tour

When adventuring, splashes of water and muds along the route may make your clothes become wet and dirt. Will you return back the hotel by wearing it?

If not, you shouldn’t forget to bring a change of clothes that consist of a shirt, pants, and underwear (optional) in your preparation before adventuring.

Most of the adventure provider usually provide changing rooms. You can change your dirty wet and clothes to the clean there after taking shower.

Also, don’t forget to bring a small bag to wrap your dirty and wet clothes.

  1. Physically Fit

Bali Atv Riding

As above, you must conquer various kind of obstacles and challenges along route of the quad bike adventure which all will drain up your energy.

Make sure you are physically fit before joining the adventure.

Avoid staying up late and drinking alcohol because it all will just make you feel tired quickly and lose concentration when adventuring.

Ubud Nature, Best Quad Bike Spot in Bali

Bali Quad Bike ATV

Perhaps you are looking for best spot of quad bike spot in Bali, it can be got in Ubud, a countryside which offers top atv track with beautiful green panoramas.

The track will usually go pass natural points start from rice fields, small forests, river tracks, and waterfall. All these are full of stunning scenery and impress your sight surely.

The quad bike spots in Ubud are also suitable for you who are beginner or have no experiences because the track is categorized in easy level.

Meanwhile, your adventuring also will be accompanied by professional guide who will be ready to motive and help along quad bike.

The guide will usually tell and teach a few techniques and instruction to you before adventuring. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to try the adventuring during in Bali.  

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