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7 Wonderful Waterfalls in Bali Secret Garden Village

Bali Secret Garden Waterfall - Not only the temples, Bali Island also has a stunning secret garden village in north side exactly at Sambangan Village, Buleleng Regency. This village is in near Singaraja City (take 15 minutes trip).

The secret garden village is an upland that offer many hidden and magical waterfall points in wilderness of nature. And also be surrounded by wonderful nature.

Start from paddy fields, cloves or cocoa plantation, marigold fields, and beautiful hill background.

This village is perfect for the good choice of nature destination and get many fun water activities, such as swim in nature pool, enjoy water sliding and even jump off cliffs into the water. All those exciting activities can be got in its waterfalls.

7 waterfalls in Sambangan Secret Garden

1. Canging Waterfall

Canging Waterfall Bali

This waterfall is in the middle of forest and behind hill, you require to pass footpath (700 meters) to reach the waterfall point. The track is full of picturesque and shady natures.


2. Dedari Waterfall

Dedari Waterfall Bali

The name of this waterfall “Dedari” come from Balinese Language that means “angel”. So is the view of this waterfall, it’s truly charming!

For reaching waterfall point, you are also required to have a trek from parking area. It will pass the footpath, unique wood bridge, and tropical forest.


3. Cemara Waterfall

Cemara Waterfall Bali

This waterfall has 25 meters height and 6 meters wide with large water volume. It’s reasonable for those who look for the soothing atmosphere.

Supposedly, for those who are visiting this waterfall with your partner. Then, the couple is always lasting.


4. Pucuk Waterfall

Pucuk Waterfall Bali

In case you feel a sensation to soak or swim in nature, this waterfall is tremendously recommended to come.

Pucuk waterfall offer a natural pool with fresh greenish blue water and showoff lovely waterfall (15 meters height).


5. Kembar Waterfall

Jumping Off Kembar Waterfall

This waterfall is quite unique, as it looks in double waterfalls side by side with same water volume. Hence, it’s called “Kembar” that means “Twin” in Balinese Language.

Aside from that, you may also try free jumping off the ledge of cliff. Whether just soak or swim on natural pool while enjoying picturesque panorama around it.


6. Kroya Waterfall

Kroya Waterfall Bali

Kroya Waterfall has 12 meters height. Perhaps it sounds not too high, but this waterfall offer special and distinctive thing that be hard to find in others waterfall, namely natural slide.

It’s truly challenging and as smooth as the slides in waterpark.


7. Aling-Aling Waterfall

Aling-Aling Waterfall Bali

Among 6 the waterfalls above, Aling-Aling Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Sambangan Village, where it has 35 meters height and surrounded fascinating high cliff.

Meanwhile, you may also feel thrilling sensation by jumping off its cliff into natural pool (4 meters depth).

From those 7 waterfalls, which one you want to visit?

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